Women celebrating ordination to the priesthood make a pledge

Celebrating 25 years since the ordination of women to the priesthood


We the women, meeting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ordination of women to the priesthood, give thanks to God that we can celebrate this historic event.

Humbled by the wisdom shared as we commemorated the struggle for ordination, while acknowledging that we still have many challenges to overcome.

Commit ourselves to continue to allow women’s voices to be heard in cry and lamentation so that we can continuously seek ways to overcome the limitations that women priests face today.

Humbled that our younger generation of women can draw from the well springs of wisdom of previous generations through whom we can be mentored, moulded and strengthened.

Hereby make the following pledge:

We will, promote, normalise and regularise inclusive practices across our organisations, policies, structures, and hierarchy.

We will continue to strive for both gender equality and gender equity in ACSA.

We will work toward universally set minimum basic standards and criteria for levels of education and skills required for deacons, priests and bishops.

We will prioritise theological education and ministerial formation.

We commit to continuous education, training, development within the church.

We commit to ensure that Deacons, priests and bishops are intentionally mentored in their roles of leadership.

We commit to the use of affirming and inclusive language, when teaching about God and about human beings and in our liturgy and worship.

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arise women of Africa, the church wouldn’t be what she is today without your contribution. In you I have my trust and I have hope that ACSA has a future through your ministry. May God Bless you

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