We are Anglicans

Covenant is entirely ubuntu-shaped – we find our humanity through the humanity of others – we flourish through promoting the flourishing of others……Archbishop Thabo Cecil Makgoba

Archbishop Thabo Cecil Makgoba
Archbishop Thabo Cecil Makgoba

Welcome to the web site of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa – situated on the southern tip of Africa.

Our Province of the world-wide Anglican Communion was established in 1870 when our first Provincial Synod was held in Cape Town. We have grown over the years and now comprise 26 dioceses in four sovereign nations and on three mid-Atlantic islands. Dioceses are to be found in Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and South Africa, and on the island of St. Helena.

We have a diverse membership of approximately three million people, speaking many languages and representing many cultures and races. Our Prayer Book is currently available in nine of our region’s languages and we have about 2,000 clergy ministering in about 1,000 parishes.

We often express our vision statement in the phrase Anglicans ACT. By that, we mean that we seek to be:

Anchored in the love of Christ, revealed in Scripture
Committed to God’s mission, with compassion and joy, and
Transformed by the Holy Spirit, through discipleship and worship.

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We invite you to browse our site and to sign up for updates in order to learn more about our the exciting mission and ministry happening in our Province.