Updated Canons Now Available

The blue A5 file containing the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa is once again available @ R120 each.

It contains all the amendments to the Canons arising from Provincial Synod 2016.

Supplementary pages for those who already have the file are also available, @ R60 a set.

Orders to orders@anglicanchurchsa.org.za



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  • Is there a digital copy available for downloading?

  • We have loaded the Canons on the Website but they are not the updated set as yet. The website is new and the transition from the old site taken longer than anticipated. We are still learning our way around the new site. The updated Canons will be loaded soon. Note also only the Canons are on the site – we have not loaded the Constitution as yet nor any of the supplement material, the Acts etc. found in the printed edition.

  • I am trying to download the canons but I can’t.. if ever the is an alternative way of downloading
    can you please give me the reference.

    • My apologies for this late response. The Canons are not available as a download from the website. we have loaded individual Canons but these have not as yet been updated to include the changes made at the last Provincial Synod. This is a task that will be completed soon.

  • request to get a download of the canons.

  • Is there a canon that deals with funerals? If yet can anyone assist

    • Thank you for your enquiry. there isn’t one that deals directly with funerals but Canon 15 requests mentions that one of the duties of an Archdeacon is to examine Burial grounds. Provincial Synod of 2016 passed a resolution on Funerals and I attached it below.
      Cynthia Botha
      From Provincial Synod Minutes – Thursday 29 September 2016

      33. Motion 4.14 Funeral policy

      The Revd Mpho Mohale proposed and the Venerable Dr George Palmer seconded


      This Synod,

      1. Noting that

      1.1 The practice of conducting funerals of some of our parishioners in church and others elsewhere is a pastoral necessity.

      1.2 Bereaved mourners need to be sensitively cared for and to be journeyed with for healing to be effected, as this is a core part of the Church’s pastoral ministry.

      1.3 Sometimes arrangements around funerals are used as a form of punishment or marginalisation, whereby members of some families secure access to services in church and others do not; this according to rigid criteria which may vary from place to place and may be applied without reference to canonical principles or diocesan policy

      2. Resolves

      2.1 That all Anglican parishioners should be received for burial in church without discrimination.

      2.1.1 That all families should be entitled to similar pastoral care

      2.1.2 That in order to secure this protection for our people, all funerals should be conducted by clergy or under the close oversight of incumbents in order to ensure that equitable pastoral care is offered to all.

      2.1.3 That no improper demands are made either at the time of a death or in the normal life of the church as a prerequisite for access to a funeral in the parish church.

      The motion was passed.

  • Good day.

    The Canons did not made provision for a n the case were a husband is elected as a Warden and his wife on the council, is this allowed.

    William Moses

  • I have a challenge with the burial of active and non active members of most of the Anglican Churches. A person who was active for many years and becomes inactive due to illness and does not have a good standing in church “not paying the required tithing (kabelo) in monetary form and does not go to the church regularly is before, receives a “lawn or stoep” funeral. Is this the correct way of dealing with pastoral care? My thinking is a church is a church for the community and some kind of measures need to be done, Kindly assist me as this matter is making a split or is reducing the number of congregants and hurting a lot of families who do not understand if a parent was working for the church for years and later when he dies in his old age he does not receive the burial that they might be expecting. This is creating unnecessary conflict in our churches,

  • Good day . I am trying to download the updated canons and have a difficulty in that please assist. Or where can I get the book around Queenstown because i hate not knowing about my church when congregants are not doing what is suppose to be done. I need the updated version

    • Thank you for your message. You can purchase it directly from our office at orders@anglicanchurchsa.org.za @ R120 Plus postage
      We do supply books to some of the Christian Bookshops in Queenstown -but you would have to check with them directly for stock.

      thank you

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