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Tribunal of the Diocese of Cape Town [update 11/8]

[Update for 12/8] The Tribunal has completed its hearings, and the links to hearing recordings have now been archived, hence no longer appear on this page.

[Update for 11/8] The Tribunal hearing will resume at 9 am on Wednesday at the following link:

[Update 10/8] The Tribunal hearing resumes at 08h45 today. The webcast of the hearing can be viewed here:

[Update 5/8] Tribunal proceedings resume today and continue tomorrow and next week. Proceedings today and tomorrow can be viewed on the following links:

[Update 29/7] The parties have agreed that the Tribunal will reconvene on Thursday 5th August 2021 at 0930 and thereafter on 6th, 10th, and 11th August as required.

[Update July 23] The hearing reconvened on 21 July as agreed but was further postponed owing to the indisposition of the Rev June Major. The Tribunal will convene again on 5 August 2021 or, failing that, 18 August 2021. The link will be published as usual for those who wish to follow the proceedings.

Tribunal of the Diocese of Cape Town, July 23, 2021

[June 28] The Tribunal opened today and has been adjourned until 21 July 2021 at 0930 because of the ill health of one of the participants.

All parties have been instructed to desist from derogatory communication or any attempt to influence tribunal members by any means,  during the adjournment period.

The reconvened hearing will continue to be available virtually.

Tribunal of the Diocese of Cape Town

4 replies on “Tribunal of the Diocese of Cape Town [update 11/8]”

May our Heavenly Father sustain Revds June Major and Melvin Booysen with their families IN His Fiery Furnace ,Jesus, kindled at Calvary WHERE Mercy and Truth HAVE met and Righteousness/Justice and Peace HAVE embraced each other. Ps.85:9,Luke 12:49.

Dear Reverend
On 30 August 2021 I wrote e-mails to the Arch’s PA and to a journalist Mr Booysen and no one replied. I notice that all the documentation were removed from this website and are now lodged in the Church archives. I find it disturbing that the papers were removed. Why?

I still want access to the archives to read the papers and the outcome. You did not disclose the outcome – and I wonder why? The reasons for the closure of the tribunal are also not accessible – why?

I can go on and on but won’t at this stage.

My e-mail address is:


Neels Coertse

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