Tips for Thabo – An Appeal

Ahead of this year’s Provincial Synod, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba is asking Anglicans to suggest “Tips for Thabo” as the Advisory Committee draws up the Agenda and he prepares his Charge. Please make suggestions by clicking here on our Facebook page, or in the Comments section below. (It may take a day or two for your Comment to appear.)


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Dear Archbishop
Firstly thanks for opening this space for ordinary members to aire their views about our church.
My suggestion is how possible it it to have one Bishop per province only.
The Provincial Bishop will be assisted by 2 or 3 assistance Bishops taking into consideration the vastness of the province and how many churches that needs supervision.But all will be based in one Provincial office.
Mr MV Mazibuko

A strategy for the Anglican Church to effectively reduce poverty within its constituency.
How does the church help its people to regain the moral leadership within their communities

Your Grace,

I think at the center of it should be Christian education. Let’s have a consultation on how parents can be assisted by the Church to disciple their children. This is an urgent response since many schools have done away with biblical education. Let’s have a look as well at the tertiary level, the role, and effectiveness of Chaplaincy.


Mawetja Solomon Manaka

I have been living in Namibia for many years and have had the opportunity of being part of Provincial Synod on a number of occasions in the past.
However, I still have the feeling that we, in Namibia, probably Lesotho and Swaziland (?) as well, often feel left out from what goes on in the Province. I am so aware that we are very much a minority group and that our challenges are much the same as South Africa’s, but there is seldom anything specifically addressed to us. I read the Archbishop’s blog, subscribe to ACNS, know that I know very little about what happens in other dioceses in our Province and ponder on how to change that. Thank you for this opportunity.

Dear Archbishop
This year is the tenth anniversary of the Kairos Palestine document, “a moment of truth: a word of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering.” In it Palestinian Christians offer a word of gratitude for the solidarity shown towards them in support of the right of the Palestinian people to self determination.
They also call on the Churches of the world to condemn and oppose all forms of racism, whether religious or ethnic, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, in all its manifestations and to take a position with regard to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.
In Southern Africa we have experienced the oppression of colonialism, racism and various other forms of discrimination. Let us express our support for justice, peace and security for all in that region, Palestinian and Israeli alike, by using tools of non violence to exert pressure to bring about change.

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