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Theme for Provincial Synod – 21-24 Sept 2021

ACSA has brought forward its next meeting of Provincial Synod to September this year. The Provincial Synod Advisory Committee has held its first meeting, and invites you to help finalise the proposed theme.

The Committee has provisionally proposed the following:

Discipleship through Faith, Hope and Love: ACSA acting for a transformed world

Outlining the rationale for the theme, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba points to faith, hope and love as key tools drawn from the Pauline corpus upon which to build our discipling, locating our action within ACSA with the goal of transforming the world.

Readers are invited to comment or make suggestions for amendments or alternatives by Friday February 19.

The Archbishop also asks you, over and above legislative matters, what you think Synod should be discussing, whether arising from your suggestions on the theme or concerning other issues.

Please use the Comments field below to take part in the debate. Note that comments are moderated, so your contribution might take a day or two to appear.

Provincial Executive Officer

1 reply on “Theme for Provincial Synod – 21-24 Sept 2021”

Suggested change to Theme: Discipleship through Faith, Hope and Love: Transforming and equipping ACSA to minister in a transformed world.

ACSA, in my humble opinion, seems to need to become leaner, more informed, and more relevant if it is to become more theologically and “missionally” effective in our current context. Also, there seems, at times, to be a divide – almost a disconnect – between what is decided at “the top” for implementation at parish level and what actually happens in the parishes. Perhaps there could to be more real communication with the faithful at grass roots level, about their faith needs in their circumstances … and to hear their ideas on where ACSA needs to change or adapt to meet the needs of this transformed and continually transforming world we live in? To hold a real conversation, where views and opinions can be voiced.

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