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Synod of Bishops to elect new Bishop of Table Bay

The Diocese of Cape Town at its Elective Assembly on 25 July 2019 failed to Elect a Bishop of Table Bay (Suffragan of Cape Town) and delegated the responsibility to the Synod of Bishops.

The Ven Horace Arenz

Provincial Executive Officer

6 replies on “Synod of Bishops to elect new Bishop of Table Bay”

Having served in the diocese of Lebombo as a non stipendiary minister, I am pleased with the way the province is being run. It is my prayer that the election of the Bishop of Table Bay will be done in the near future.
My prayers to the arcbishop, clergy and all christians of the diocese of cape town.

I was disappointed as I expected us as a DIOCESE to have owned the process and elect instead of having it go to the Synod of Bishops.

I fully agree with you Edward George. The procedure of electing a Bishop is hopelessly flawed. The Canon desparately begs attention. The Diocese has been robbed of its Mandate!!!

It seems more and more elections cant have one person emerge as bishop. And the number of candidates is always higher. Some reflection, i hope, by all the church is perhaps occasioned. Come Holy Spirit and may we discern your whisperings.

I believe or should I say I think the diocese should have a distinctive observed leader. When there are too many, there is trouble. That ship will sink.

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