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Synod of Bishops to elect Bishop of Natal

Kindly be informed that the Elective Assembly of the Diocese of Natal has not elected a Bishop at its sitting in Pietermaritzburg. As a result, the election has been delegated to the Synod of Bishops.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

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Prayer :
Heavenly Father we thank you for another day. We thank you that you hear our prayers. We know that knowledge, merit, understanding is of utmost importance for leadership but I pray that our spiritual eyes will be open to see. Let Your Holy Spirit be our guide. We wait upon you Almighty God and we wait to listen to your voice. Father God we lift it all to You. I pray for all members as we all seek your counsel and guidance. I pray this in the Mighty Precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Thanks for the information. Wow so the synod of bishops will a mouth full of elections to make in August. The Diocese of Eswatini is the next one to elect their bishop in Aug.

It is a clear sign to our church in today’s time; we need to revisit Canon 4 especially section 12 on the ballot procedure.

God bless Africa guide your people give us wisdom to do what we suppose to do and make us love one another as you love us

Man can plan, but Gods plan prevails!!! All the candidates were deemed suitable for the position by the elective committee. The fact that the house could not agree to elect one of these candidates shows how diverse this diocese is.
God bless this Diocese while we wait, and Bless the Bishops while they discern.

It is a disgrace and shameful to see our spiritual leaders behave like political parties in Parliament, scratching one anothers’ backs.

There was nothing difficult in voting for the suitable candidate – because there was one – but they decided to play politics. What are we, the Christians they lead, learning from them?

We have no option but to accept and support whoever the Synod of Bishops will appoint as our new Diocesan Bishop. What a long and unnecessary wait!

May the God we serve intervene and change our Fathers’ mindset so that we may benefit from their teachings and a actions.

In as much as the candidates are diverse its a cause of concern that a group of people are not able to elect their leader instead they prefer that the synod of bishops elects one for them. Its our plea that we be told why the Dioceses fail to elect their leaders.

May God grant the College of Bishops the wisdom to elect the suitable Leader that will lead this diocese in the right direction. Thanks

It is indeed a sorry state of affairs when the very people we rely on as our leaders fail to discharge the responsibility we have entrusted upon them . How can people fail to elect a Bishop as expected? It augurs unwell for the future when we cannot rely on our leaders to do as expected but instead bashaya into ekhasa phansi!

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