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Synod of Bishops to elect Bishop of K& K

Kindly be informed that the Elective Assembly of the Diocese of Kimberley & Kuruman could not elect a Bishop at their Elective Assembly of 19 & 20 April, 2021.

The Assembly has delegated their Election of a Bishop to the Synod of Bishops.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

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I hope this is not an indication of a slide into ‘episcopal authoritarianism’ as our electoral process for the election of a bishop by a constituted elective assembly fails once again

I do not agree Courtenay, as long as we remember that the process of referral is a canonical provision. It may also be that if indeed Synod waits upon Gid, the church must also accept that election by SiB is as legitimate as the diocesan elective assembly itself.

I accept the canonical legitimacy Barney, but should we be looking at underlying causes or even the elective assembly system and processes. I worry but maybe unnecessarily so …

Disappointing to say the least. Has this become the “new way” of doing business now? Radical reform to the election process needs to be made.

These comments seem unfair.
The Synod of Bishops is only acting because the elective process assembly was unable to decide.
Had there been a clear winner the election would not have been questioned.

It is unfortunate that the K & K diocese could not reach a two-third majority to elect its bishop. The Synod of Bishops is a legitimate assembly to elect a Bishop for the Diocese of K & K. We continue to pray for our Bishops to discern the will of God. to elect

I agree with Ashley. It looks like our Dioceses both clergy and laypeople are divided. How many Dioceses in the past has failed to elect a bishop. Statistics speaks louder than words. I agree with Ashley that radical reforms for the election process need to be made. For me the bishops need to be for the region and be transferred after serving 5 years in a Diocese to another Diocese so the synod of bishops let them be the ones who elects bishops.

It seems tat Canon governing the Election of a Bishop needs to be addressed. It seems to limit the elective assembly in fulfilling their principle task which is to ELECT A BISHOP.

Referring the election of a bishop to the Synod of Bishops seems to becoming the norm in ACSA. Just maybe a radical review of the Election process is required. With my prayers for the clergy and people in the dioceses of K& K and Lesotho

its disgrace to see people failing to elect their bishop it goes with out saying that there is hiding agenda they want candidate who is not coming within dioceses and they all know each other even their weak points they are running away for the nepotism

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