Safe Church update on case of the Revd June Major

Statement regarding progress in the investigation of the alleged rape of Reverend June Major as reported to Safe and Inclusive Church

The report of the Board of Preliminary Enquiry is scheduled to be published on Thursday 1 April 2021

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA) remains committed to its work of mission and ministry to speak truth, fight for justice and care for the vulnerable and marginalised.

Gender Based Violence remains a scourge in our communities and is abhorrent to ACSA and other members of wider society . It is deeply saddening to witness the pain and experience of any victim or survivor of Gender Based Violence (GBV). For ACSA, it is especially sensitive to the pain of the Rev. June Major as reported to Safe and Inclusive Church. Safe Church was set up to assist members in finding support and compassion in the journey to seeking redress for all forms of alleged abuse by any minister of our church.


The Rev. Major reported the matter formally under the Church Laws (Canons), to the Safe and Inclusive (SIC) Commission on 8 July 2020.

Subsequently, a Team from the Commission shortly after receiving the complaint was assigned to investigate the matter and based on its discernment, determine the way forward.

Following a meeting with two members of the Commission on 5 October 2020 a charge sheet (Articles of Presentment) was prepared to enable the matter to be brought before a tribunal of the church.

A Board of Preliminary Enquiry (BPE) was appointed on 14 December 2020 with the task of establishing if a prima facie case existed. The Board had 21 working days to complete their work and report to the responsible Bishop, who was then required to distribute the report to all parties and outline the next steps, including allowing the right of reply.

The BPE completed its work and the report was submitted to the Bishop on 15 January 2021. The Bishop then had some time to review the report but unfortunately contracted COVID for which he was hospitalised.

The Bishop subsequently distributed the report to all the parties by 1February 2021.

The Accused then had 14 working days in which to respond to the findings and recommendations of the BPE report. On receipt of the report, the attorneys of the Accused raised a number of issues which had to be addressed. The Canons make provision for delays in days to respond and the matters were finally settled on 4 March 2021.

As such the Accused in this matter has 14 (fourteen) working days to respond to the BPE and the final date for his response is Thursday 25 March, 2021. This information was shared with all parties.

The report, as well as any subsequent decisions that may be required, will now become a matter of public record and is scheduled to be posted on the Church website on Thursday 1 April 2021. Should the report find there is a case to answer, a tribunal will be held in public sessions, mindful of the COVID restrictions.

We assure all of those involved on both sides of this case of our prayers, pastoral support and long-standing commitment as we seek guidance and truth in this matter.

We will continue to communicate progress on this matter.

For any further queries please contact

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We thank God for this progress. We trust this is going to lay a good foundation for future reference. We also note the sensive manner in which this has been handled. May God be with all who are affected and those tasked to to bring resolve to this issue

ACSA you do not have permission to publish broadcast such things, nor are a safe church. You are defrauding the public.

You do not represent the people of God, nor by the way the Sabc, nor our Archbishop Thabo.

Amanda Adams
Church of Jesus who is Lord.

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