Reduce worshippers to 50 or less, Bishops urged

As the “third wave” of Covid-19 infections hits a number of South African dioceses entering the winter months, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s Covid Advisory Team is urging that congregations should be limited to 50 people or less.

The team is also urging all Anglicans to be vaccinated when vaccines become available. Among other recommendations:

“Decrease the number of people at all services to a maximum of 50 , if the church is able to accommodate 50 people within the COVID guidelines. In the event that the building is smaller and not able to accommodate 50 people then to a maximum of 50% of the capacity of the building.”

“Social distancing of 1,5 meters has to be enforced even for members of the same family, as if they are allowed to sit together, then the 1,5m distance between them and other worshippers is not being maintained.”


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Thanks for the updates however one wonders why 50 whereas the President said 100 or 50% if the church is small whilst observing the 1.5M social distancing

The President needs to provide guidelines for the entire nation and has to meet diverse needs and interests.
The ACSA Covid team is more aware of the age and diversity of our parishioners and the risk that any gathering poses to increased infections for them, given what we know of our diverse styles of worship and the structure of our churches.
With winter coming and the slow roll out of vaccines our intention is to limit the opportunity for infection by keeping gatherings as small as possible and for as short a time as possible.
Faith based gatherings still carry the highest risk of being super spreaders.
We show love for each other and ourselves by doing what we believe we can to save lives. Even when it may inconvenience us. I hope that helps

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