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RE-IMAGINING ACSA – Agenda Book for PSC 2022

The agenda and reports for this year’s meeting of ACSA’s Provincial Standing Committee (PSC) have been sent to members of PSC by the Provincial Executive Officer, the Revd Canon Makhosi Nzimande.

PSC is the Province’s top deliberative body between meetings of Provincial Synod, and meets annually. It is comprised of one lay and one clergy representative from each Diocese, as well as the Bishops of the Province, who customarily meet separately in Synod in the days ahead of PSC.

The full text of the agenda, reports and motions to come before this year’s PSC follow at the end of this notice.

Excerpts from an explanatory note from Dr Nzimande to members of PSC:

1) The Drafting Team under the leadership of the Provincial Registrar, Mr Lloyd Fortuin, is scheduled to meet on Friday 29th July 2022 and again, the following week in need, to review resolutions coming to PSC. The Team will also carefully examine the Standing Rules for PSC which seem to be out of kilter with Canon 43. Once this work has been completed an addendum book will be issued which will contain resolutions coming to PSC and any Reports received after the cut-off date. The issuing of this book will be no later than 15 August 2022 but efforts will be made to have it out earlier.

2) Elections to the various Provincial portfolios and committees traditionally take place at Provincial Synod. At Provincial Synod 2021 the number of nominations received for the various portfolios was insufficient for the Elections to take place and accordingly a decision was taken by
Provincial Synod that the election process would be deferred to the Provincial Standing Committee in 2022.

3) Regrettably, the number of nominations received for PSC 2022 thus far is once again insufficient to allow the Elections to take place. In consultation with the Metropolitan, a decision has been taken that the current elected members of the various Portfolios and Committees would be requested to remain in office until Provincial Synod 2024. There is an anticipation that Provincial Synod 2024 will be an in-person meeting and, as is the norm, nominations will be made from the floor during Synod. In the event that there are vacancies in Portfolios between now and Provincial Synod 2024, these vacancies will be filled in consultation with the Liaison Bishops.

This situation is not ideal. However, the calling for nominations, with Proposer, Seconder and a short CV for each nomination, has seen very few nominations being made and it is felt that this is something that needs to happen at an in-person Synod.

The only election that will take place at PSC 2022 will be for the employer elected Trustee to both of the Provincial Pension funds.

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