PSC speaks out on abuse of liquor, especially by children

The annual meeting of the Church’s Provincial Standing Committee has expressed its concern at the excessive use of alcohol, especially by children, and is calling on governments in Southern Africa to consider raising the legal limit for the purchase of alcohol to 21.

In a resolution proposed by Bishop Carlos Matsinhe of Lebombo, and seconded by Bishop Stephen Diseko of Matlosane (who is also Dean of the Province), PSC said:

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is a church that believes in good morals in all families and society. The church acknowledges the fact that people consume alcohol from time to time as means of socialization. It is with great concern that the church observed a trend in the community at large that at times alcohol is misused or drunk excessively even by our children. Excessive alcohol consumption destroys families and the future of our children.

We also observed that some of the liquor outlets sell alcohol to children under the legislated age limit. The church takes this opportunity to implore all the liquor outlets in all the countries within our Province to respect and uphold the liquor legislation of their respective countries. We plead with the outlet owners to heed our plea so that we collectively prevent our minor children from purchasing alcohol. The ACSA believes that the whole community should work together towards the agenda of moral regeneration.

Therefore the position of this PSC is that:

  • Enforcement of laws regarding the sale of liquor be strictly applied;
  • All churches should stand together in educating people about the impact of excessive alcohol consumption;
  • Collaborate with NGO’s to assist those involved and affected by the excessive use of alcohol;
  • Ask the governments within ACSA to consider raising the age limit for entering liquor outlets and buying alcohol to the age of 21;
  • We call upon all parents and caretakers to abstain from consuming alcohol irresponsibly so as to become exemplary mentors of a society free of alcoholism;
  • We call upon all whose business is production and promotion of alcohol to be positive by taking such measures that their success does not become a curse to our communities and to the future of our nations.

Lastly ACSA believes that “Together we can build the future of our countries by inculcating good and responsible manners of alcohol consumption in our children and restore and heal families torn by excessive alcohol consumption.”


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