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PSC seeks to strengthen Safe Church Commission’s work

Provincial Standing Committee has resolved to seek ways of strengthening the Province’s efforts to ensure that our parishes and institutions are safe spaces, free of abuse of any kind.

In a resolution approved at its annual meeting today, PSC asked the Synod of Bishops to appoint a task team to consider special fund-raising to finance the work of the Safe and Inclusive Church Commission.

The commission was established in 2019 as an advisory body to help the Province, dioceses, organisations and institutions to implement the Safe and Inclusive Church Charter adopted by the bishops earlier that year.

Today’s resolution reads:

This PSC:

  1. Commits itself to fulfilling our obligations set out in the Safe and Inclusive Church Charter as detailed in ACT XX of our Canons and Constitution
  2. Encourages ACSA’s commitment to making its churches, organisations and institutions places of safety and inclusion.
  3. Affirms the need for building a culture of safety and inclusion through ongoing training and development.

Respectfully requests the Synod of Bishops to:

Appoint a task team to consider the feasibility of a special fund-raising initiative to provide the funds to finance the activities of the Commission, including SIC education within ACSA for the next 3 to 5 years.