PSC Resolution on the Ordination of Women

The Provincial Standing Committee, which meets annually, is the top deliberative body of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa between Provincial Synods.

Resolution – Ordination of Women

This Provincial Standing Committee:

Acknowledges that the Anglican Church celebrates with joy 25 years since the ordination of women to the priesthood. September 2017 marks the beginning of this 25th year anniversary.

Appreciates the call from the Metropolitan to all Diocesan Bishops to remember this historic moment, and mark this occasion in their Dioceses.

Gives thanks to the ACSA gender programme, and HOPE Africa, under the leadership of Bishop Margaret Vertue and the Reverend Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe, for facilitating a celebratory conference with women priests from all dioceses in ACSA.

Appreciates the inclusion in PSC of this celebration at the special Eucharist service attended by all delegates of PSC as well as 120 women priests, deacons and some special guests, visitors and lay people.

Noting that while we celebrate 25 years of the ordination of women to the priesthood;

  • We are challenged by the fact that very few women clergy are represented in the leadership and decision making of Dioceses and ACSA in its provincial; structures;
  • There is a need for more theological education and training offered to women, especially younger women in ACSA;
  • Leadership development, ministerial formation and structured mentorship for new vocations is critical for the sustainability and growth of our church.

Hereby resolves to respectfully request the Metropolitan to:

A. Commend the statement from the 25th year celebration conference to all dioceses for their prayerful consideration and implementation.

B. Receive and adopt the statement released by the women priests conference as a component of their programmatic framework within ACSA, in achieving its vision. This will require the collaboration of all relevant programmes.

C. Distribute the conference statement and pledge from the 25th year celebration to all members of PSC, and to all provincial and diocesan structures.

Proposed: The Reverend Dalcy Dlamini

Seconded: The Rt Reverend Margaret Vertue


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Thank you PSC for acknowledging the ministry of women and taking up the challenging of bringing more women to the ministry.

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