Discrimination at Anglican Schools

Provincial Standing Committee devoted considerable debate to recent discussion of discrimination in Anglican schools.

A resolution proposed by Ms. Kim Williams of the Diocese of False Bay, and seconded by Mr. Teboho Makhalanyane of the Provincial Youth Council, was adopted after a number of amendments were accepted, including wording recognising that some schools are addressing the problem but urging them to speed up the process. The resolution reads:

This PSC,


  1. The Church’s mission to seek to secure the rights of all human beings irrespective of colour, gender, sexuality and nationality;
  2. The number of former and current learners who have disclosed discrimination at our Anglican schools on the grounds of their racial background, sexuality or nationality;
  3. Some of our Anglican schools are addressing this critical need and are encouraged to hasten the process.

Therefore respectfully requests:

  1. This PSC release a statement that ACSA does not support any form of discrimination and assures the victims of its prayers and support.
  2. The Metropolitan to form a Provincial task team to work with the different Anglican Schools to:
    2.1 make recommendations on how best the ACSA can address discrimination issues at our Diocesan schools;
    2.2 give feedback at the 2021 Provincial sitting (be it Synod or PSC).
  3. The Safe and Inclusive Church Commission to set up a secure monitored email address at which students can report issues of discrimination.

2 replies on “Discrimination at Anglican Schools”

I fully support this long overdue resolution. Sadly, in my experience, the discrimination is so subtle that there has to be serious intentionality to deal with it.

When the church tackles injustices, her relevance in the church never go unnoticed. But if we move slowly to address such issues and be quick to criticize others, we then are left to be hypocrites. Thank you for this move, it will bear fruits.

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