PSC Resolution on Discrimination at Anglican Schools

Provincial Standing Committee devoted considerable debate to recent discussion of discrimination in Anglican schools.

A resolution proposed by Ms. Kim Williams of the Diocese of False Bay, and seconded by Mr. Teboho Makhalanyane of the Provincial Youth Council, was adopted after a number of amendments were accepted, including wording recognising that some schools are addressing the problem but urging them to speed up the process. The resolution reads:

This PSC,


  1. The Church’s mission to seek to secure the rights of all human beings irrespective of colour, gender, sexuality and nationality;
  2. The number of former and current learners who have disclosed discrimination at our Anglican schools on the grounds of their racial background, sexuality or nationality;
  3. Some of our Anglican schools are addressing this critical need and are encouraged to hasten the process.

Therefore respectfully requests:

  1. This PSC release a statement that ACSA does not support any form of discrimination and assures the victims of its prayers and support.
  2. The Metropolitan to form a Provincial task team to work with the different Anglican Schools to:
    2.1 make recommendations on how best the ACSA can address discrimination issues at our Diocesan schools;
    2.2 give feedback at the 2021 Provincial sitting (be it Synod or PSC).
  3. The Safe and Inclusive Church Commission to set up a secure monitored email address at which students can report issues of discrimination.

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I fully support this long overdue resolution. Sadly, in my experience, the discrimination is so subtle that there has to be serious intentionality to deal with it.

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