Province asked to pay Growing the Church director’s stipend in future

Province asked to pay Growing the Church director’s stipend in future

Provincial Synod has voted to ask the Provincial Finance Board to pay the stipend of the director of Growing the Church in future Provincial budgets.

Explaining the import of a resolution before the Synod, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, President of the Synod, explained that the Finance Board would have to consider the request for 2021 at the earliest. The budget for the Common Provincial Fund for 2020 had already been approved when the resolution was discussed.

The resolution that was passed, with some opposition and a number of abstentions, read as follows:

ACSA to cover the cost of the GtC Director’s stipend in future.

This Synod noting:

1. ACSA established Growing the Church as a Provincial Ministry, contributing to the basic mission and ministry of the Church;

2. Growing the Church was added to the CPF Budget at the request of Provincial Synod of 2007;

3. Growing the Church, through Anglicans Ablaze Conferences, The LEAD programme and its other programmes is making an enormous contribution to ACSA;

4. Growing the Church is increasingly being established in the Dioceses, but a central coordinating function is essential;

5. Growing the Church is already raising about 60 – 70% of its budget from sources other than the Common Provincial Fund for mission and ministry activities;

Resolves to:

Request the Provincial Finance Board to include at least the stipend package of the Growing the Church Director in its future budgeting.

Proposer: Bishop Tsietsi Seleoane

Seconder: Very Revd Sharon Nell

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