News PSC 2023

Proposed prayers for ministry to Church’s LGBTQI+ family drafted

Provincial Standing Committee has endorsed a decision by this week’s meeting of the Synod of Bishops to send to Dioceses draft prayers for ministry to members of the LGBTQI+ family.

This follows a report given to the bishops by a sub-group appointed by the Synod in terms of a decision in March this year. The sub-group developed 16 prayers, reflecting varying emphases, which were sent to PSC on Wednesday.

Dioceses are being requested to send their views and commentary to the Provincial Executive Officer by January 15 next year, to enable the Synod of Bishops to consider them at their February meeting. The bishops will prepare a resolution to present to Provincial Synod in September next year.

PSC resolved to send the prayers to Dioceses for “reflection and comment”. A proposal to send them for use in ministry was defeated.

The full text of the PSC resolution follows:


  1. Whereas:
  1. In some parts of ACSA, the government has promulgated the Civil Union Act and there are now persons in Civil Unions in our parishes across ACSA.
  1. The Synod of Bishops have discussed and developed pastoral guidelines for ministry to the LGBTQI+ family in Civil unions.
  1. The Synod of Bishops appointed a small group of Bishops that have drafted sixteen prayers and the SoB has now recommended that these be given to the Dioceses in their ministry to the LGBTQI+ family.
  1. This PSC Resolves to:
  1. Endorse the Synod of Bishop’s decision that these prayers be sent to Dioceses for reflection and comment.
  2. Dioceses are requested to report back  to the office of the PEO before 15th January 2024 to present their views and commentary to the Bishops for further consideration at the February 2024 meeting of the Synod of Bishops.
  3. Thereafter the Bishops are requested to prepare a resolution on this matter by 15th May 2024 to present to Provincial Synod 2024.