The Licensing of ACSA Clergy

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Vocation Ordination and Engagement NOT EMPLOYMENT

A resource from the Canon Law Council.

From the Foreword:
Since being translated to Cape Town in 2008, I have been acutely aware of the number of cases referred to me under the Canons that concern issues arising from the licensing of clergy to minister and the withdrawal of such licences. In fact, records kept by the Provincial Executive Officer indicate that the number of such cases continues to rise rather than decline. Against that background, I am very pleased that Henry Bennett, Bishop Peter Lee and the Canon Law Council have produced this monograph outlining in some detail the theology and practice surrounding the selection, ordination and licensing of clergy. Of particular value are the explanation of the distinction that the courts draw between licensing clergy and employing staff, and the highlighting of the need to adhere carefully to the rules laid down in the Canons when considering the withdrawal of a licence.
Archbishop Thabo Makgoba


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