Church Interrupted? or Church Reset?

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Church Interrupted? or Church Reset?
What Will the Post-Covid Church Look Like?
by Paul Siaki

From the Introduction:

The Big Picture: What You’re Getting Into

Writing this book, at this juncture in time, is akin to writing a movie
review halfway through the movie. Quite possibly the seeming villain
could turn out to be a good guy, and the hero a heel.
But that is what I’m doing.
In these next few pages, I will be making some bold statements and
suggestions that may or may not sit well with you. Perhaps even the
subtitle of a “Post-Covid” Church is offensive because we are far from
over this. Agreed.
Perhaps you picked up this book hoping there would be a magic
bullet answer to the challenges you are facing right now. It is in our
nature to want answers. We know God knows − but He’s being a bit
mum on the whole thing. WHY?! What’s going on, God?
I love some of the sentiment expressed by N.T. Wright in articles
and in his book, God and the Pandemic, when he talks about how the
Church has fit into the mould of being “rational” like the world around
her. We are often tempted to take the supernatural and mysterious out
of the equation. And, if asked the deep question of “Why?” by the
watching world, we believe must respond boldly, acting as if we know the answer…..


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