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New SA Covid guidelines – ACSA – Feb 4

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4 replies on “New SA Covid guidelines – ACSA – Feb 4”

Will these guidelines be revised particularly insofar as it no longer speaks to the Disaster Management Act Regulations? Religious gatherings are now allowed to a maximum of 100 people. Further reference Reg. 72(3)

Archbishop Thabo – why is the Cathedral of St Georges allowed to have a Eucharist with the Imposition of Ashes when the ACSA guidelines say clearly NO EUCHARIST AND NO SINGING other than a soloist – where is the solidarity with the rest of us when they are so clearly bucking the guidelines – and if that’s all they are is it up to individual bishops to give dispensation … tired of the church speaking with forked tongue!

As at 10 March 2021 the ACSA Guidelines still seem to be the authority in reference to number of attendees and length of services. The former however is no longer in sync with the current Disaster Management Act (DMA) Regulations (Reg 72(3)) which allows for Religious gatherings up to a maximum of 100 people. Similarly the prohibition on singing should also be reconsidered. The DMA Regs as signed on 28 Feb and subsequently gazetted, I would submit speaks more to our move from adjusted Risk Alert level 3 to Risk Alert Level 1 as of 28 February 2021. Is it not time to revise the ACSA Guidelines as well and bring it in line with the DMA Regs and adjusted Risk Alert Level 1? These guidelines were drafted whilst we were on Risk Alert Level 3.

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