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New Bishops elected for Kimberley & Kuruman and Lesotho

The Electoral College of Bishops met virtually today to elect new bishops for the vacant dioceses of Kimberley & Kuruman and Lesotho.

The bishops elected to translate the Right Revd Brian Marajh of George to become the Bishop of Kimberley & Kuruman.

They also elected the Revd Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe, Rector of the College of the Transfiguration, as Bishop of Lesotho.

Please pray for Bishop Marajh and Dr Kgabe, their families and their dioceses as they prepare for their installation and consecration respectively.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

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We thank God for blessing us with our Bishop elect. So sorry THE College of the Transfiguration is losing Dr. Kgabe. She raised the standard of the college to another level. May God guide them in their ministry.

We thank God for the informed decision made by our Bishops.

We will continue to pray for Bishop Marahj as he translates to Kimberly & Kuruman and Reverend Canon Vicentia Kgabe as Bishop elect for the Diocese of Lesotho.

Congratulations to both Bishops elected. Bishop Brian you will surely be missed at St Mark’s Cathedral, George but God needed you somewhere else. Everything of the best. God’s blessings on you and your family ??

Congratulations to both Bishop Brian Marajh and Dr Vicentia Kgabe. Going back home for Bishop Brian to where it all started must be very joyous to him and his family. We look forward to welcoming him to our Diocese of K&K The election of a woman is particularly welcomed. To God be the glory and blessings to the pair.

Congratulations to both Diocese of Lesotho and Dio K&K and the Bishop Elects.

May the good Lord be with you and your families as you serve the people He has given, may He fill you with wisdom and knowledge to be able to make the best decisions that pleases the Lord.

To God be the glory. Congratulations Bishop Elect Brain for K&K Vicent for Lesotho. Outstanding servants of God and our Lord.
Canon PK Thiba

Congratulations to Bishop Dr Brian Marajh and Dr Vicentia Kgabe. God has answered our prayers. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Wonderous works of the Spirit of the Living God woving in us amongst us and through us indeed!
Congratulations and warm prayerful wishes for both Rev Canon Dr Vincentia Kgabe carrying the banner high for the leadership ministry of women in our church as well as for For Bishop Brian in his new role.We continue to uphold them both to be imbued with the full complement of the gifts of the Spirit and God’s favour upon them and their families as well as thebigger families of their respective dioceses. To God be the Glory!

One of the best decisions ever taken by our Church. Congratulations to both of them. Sorry to the Diocese of George and College of the transfiguration. Your loss is the Church gain.

Talking about the appointment of Reverend Dr. Vicencia Kgabe, I congratulate our Church for this decision…kiddos to my Church. An appointment not based on the fact that she is young or she is woman but on substance and Merit. Undoubtedly one best cadres this church has ever produced. Not a perfect person but neat one. God still loves us.

Slowly but surely the church is affirming women ministry and leadership. Hopefully this trajectory will gain momentum. The church may transform through women bishops. Congratulations to Vincentia. All the best.
+Brian has a task and adaptation to do and make. All of the beat to him.
Tis a peculiar occurrence this translation. Canon allows for sure. Maybe we gotta start to have to debate the rotation of bishops from time to time and from one diocese to the other. There may be a window of opportunity there so the church doesn’t stagnate.

May the Lord of mercy and favor continue to guide the both of you in this spiritual journey. Congratulations to the Bishops.

We thank God for the mew Bishops. As a Mosotho, I am particularly pleased to welcome the new Bishop of Lesotho. Young, vibrant. Good looking. Highly educated woman ??. We shall pray for her, support her and rally around her

May God bless the new Bishops, to Revd Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe, as a woman, I am extremely proud that we are blessed to have you on that seat, surely with your guidance we will see transformation. May God continue to use you and bless you abundantly. From Revd. Seipati Khomane

Morians Episcopal Apostolic.Church in Zion.Upington.want.toaffiliate with localcouncil of churchs Northern Cape

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