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New Bishop of Table Bay elected

The Ven Joshua Louw, Archdeacon of the Waterfront in Cape Town, has been elected the new Bishop-elect of Table Bay.

Bishop-elect Louw was chosen on the third ballot in an Electoral College for the Diocese of Cape Town, held at the Synod of Bishops in Gauteng.

The Bishops considered seven candidates for election, four of them women.

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20 replies on “New Bishop of Table Bay elected”

Our condolences to Ngewu family and our compliments and prayers to Bishop Elect Joshua, a dire need for gender sensitivity in church

CONGRATULATIONS on your election! You bring much wisdom and dedication to God and the church. May God continue to bless you in your new mission and ministry.

Could the reporter please tell me why it was necessary to add, “four of them women”?
Was the purpose to let us know that, once again, a woman was not elected?
Or was it to inform us of the fact that women are not capable of being bishops, despite four women being nominated?
I long for the day when we might see (if we must use gender), “The Bishops considered seven candidates, three of them MEN.”

Congratulations on your election Josh. May the Lord bless and guide you as you will guide and care for His people.

Much love and warm regards.
Julian and Devona.

Congratulations Fr Joshua. May God help you fulfill His plan for the people of Cape Town.

It seems despite all talk gender-sensitive lingo, the church is not ready for women leadership. Four women and still you can’t find a bishop…. Let’s walk the talk Anglicans and not beautiful speeches n soundbites.

Congratulations Ven. Fr. Joshua Louw on your election.
May you and yours, together with those who will be under your pastoral care be blessed by the anointing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Congratulations Ven. Josh Louw on your election. May God bless you and guide you as you embark on a new journey doe God and His people.
God bless.
Debbie and Paul Fransman

I wonder if it was necessary to highlight the “gender issue”, since we were also informed of that can we also be furnished with reasons why the other four candidates were not chosen or elected.

I wish one day the church can be ONE, rise above the gender, the race, historical background; just proclaim the gospel and allow capable servants to lead irrespective of the above. I long for a day where all these will not be a prerequisite or even be part of the consideration.

I think the issue of the gender it’s a bit tricky and sensitive to some,and it needs to be addressed and treated likewise. By the way congratulations Ven Father Joshua may the Lord bless you and your family.

Dear Joshua, God is calling you to love and serve those in your care, as you have done in your priestly ministry. We thank God for you and pray for you and your family. The road ahead will be joyful and painful at times. God will be with you.

Congratulations to Ven. Joshua Louw. God’s plan for you is only starting now. May we as Anglicans support and continue to pray for u on this new journey. Claudine Joshua

Congratulations Ven. Joshua Louw. God’s plan for you is only starting now. We as Anglicans continue to pray and support u on this new journey.

May the good Lord bless Bishop-elect for Table Bay, the Venerable Joshua and strengthen him to shepherd the flock.

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