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New Bishop of Mzimvubu elected

The Bishops of the Province at the Electoral College of Mzimvubu held 22 September 2019 elected the Rt Revd Tsietsi Seleoane, after the 6th ballot, as the next Bishop of the Diocese of Mzimvubu.

Please pray for Bishop Tsietsi and the Diocese as they prepare to receive their new bishop.

Ven Horace Arenz

Provincial Executive Officer

18 replies on “New Bishop of Mzimvubu elected”

But guys, what abt the leadership vaccum at Diocese of Natal? First Bishop Ndwandwe left and now Bishop Tsietsi. And Bishop Dino will be leaving???. Hayibo guyz. This is concerning.

We give thanks to God for a New Bishop of Mzimvubu,, praying for Bishop elect and his family as they take on a new responsibility God has entrusted upon them.

Finally Mzimvubu will begin a new chapter and life. Let all work together to build God’s people and kingdom. All of the best.
6th ballot though….???

We give thanks and praise you Lord. You will be welcome with warm hands my Bishop re o emetse mohlotsuwa wa Morena

We thank God for speaking through our Bishops. We will continue to pray for The Rt Reverend Tsietsi Seleoane, his family and the Diocese to be united in prayer in oder to grow God’s Kingdom in the Diocese.

Thank Heavenly Father for your ever listening to your people, we asked you to give us a good Shepard and you have done it wonderfully at your right time. Thank Thixo wethu. May you continue fill your servant with wisdom and strength, courage and ableness, cover him with your wing of grace as he will be leading your people. May we not see him but you through him for the edification of your Kingdom.

We give thanks to the Almighty. We will pray for the Bishop elect and his family. May Gracious God guide him in everything.

We give thanks to the Lord for the new Bishop of Umzimbuvu. May the Lord give Bishop Tsietsi the strength and wisdom to shepherd over His flick with tender love

We thank the will of God Almighty, at last the diocese of Umzimvubu have the shepherd to look after. May the Holy Spirit, give you wisdom to guide and lead the people of Umzimvubu bishop. Congraculation bishop Tsietsi Seleoane, may God bless you and your family in this new journey.

Greetings from the Rector of the Parish of St Stephen’s New Brighton in the Diocese of PE grate is thy faithfulness , we are grateful to God for giving the Diocese of Mzimvubu a Shepherd to tend thy flock , we will sure uphold him in our prayers as he leads the Laos in that Diocese.

We are grateful for the Diocese of Umzimvubu to finally have the Bishop. We pray that the Almighty God strengthen Him as he starts his journey. We continue to pray for Diocese of Zululand and Diocese of Natal. Pray without ceasing my brethren

Well wishes to Bishop Tsietsi and family as they embark on this new journey. The Lord be with you. and may god bless him and his family on this difficult journey they have started and you are welcome bishop in our diocese and please feel at home.

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