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New ACSA Covid guidelines – Feb 11, 2022

The Archbishop’s Covid Advisory Team has issued new guidelines for Anglicans in Southern Africa, dealing with wide-ranging matters, from receiving Communion to holding Vestry meetings, and from how to arrange Ash Wednesday services to celebrating weddings and holding funerals.

The 13-page guidelines are available below, for reading online or downloading (scroll to the end to download).

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Thanks to ACSA COVID Advisory Team under the Authority of Archbishop Thabo by providing us with clear guidelines especially on how communion should be administered in our churches. Use of individual communion cups was undermining teachings behind use of Common cup.

It is so painful to realize and witness that in some parishes and Dioceses rectors are still using small cups even though directive had been issued out that no small cups should be used. We so wish the Team could check with Bishops as to what is happening in their Dioceses regarding this.
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