Important new Covid Advisory on Singing & Updated Guidelines

The number of Covid cases is starting to rise, so congregations need to continue to follow all the necessary health protocols in order to mitigate the impact of increased infections, reports the ACSA Covid Advisory Team.

The Advisory Team has published important new advice on singing in church, as well as an update to its extensive guidelines on coping with Covid-19. (See below)

“Singing remains a high risk activity in congregant settings and can contribute to an event becoming a super-spreader event,” the team says. “The risk to all faith organisations is that if this occurs, then churches will be closed. The decision to sing should not be taken lightly.”

The team adds that in South Africa, the seven-day Covid case average for last week (November 7-14) saw Gauteng’s average numbers go up from 109 a week previously to 364.

“The average could rise to 1,000 a week if we continue at this rate,” said Canon Rosalie Manning, convenor of the team. “And the pattern is similar in all South African provinces except the Free State.”

Please read the advice on singing and the updated guidelines, both available to read and download below.

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