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George Diocese delegates election of new bishop

Kindly be informed that the Elective Assembly of the Diocese of George has delegated the election of its new Bishop to the Synod of Bishops.

Please keep the Diocese and the Synod of Bishops in your prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

6 replies on “George Diocese delegates election of new bishop”

We are on our knees until a leader for the Diocese of George is elected by the Synod of Bishops.

God bless our Province (ACSA) in particular the Diocese of George as the Province awaits for the election of her bishop.

Many blessings

The delegation should never be seen as a failure. It is part of the process as enshrined in our Canons. The faithful in George have found it fitting to exercise that right. God is good all the time

Great pity for George Diocese not able to elect a bishop among their fellows, acknowledging one another’s leadership. Indeed, they need lots of our prayers. Lord, have mercy upon them and save our Church from pride complacency and hypocrisy, to live as baptised people!

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