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Feedback on the Lent course

To all our dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ

Provincial Lent Course 2021

We hope the Lent course,  Living Holy and Healthy Relationships,  provided you and your parishioners with food for thought.  Not an easy topic but one that is essential to preach the Gospel into such situations and continue to have the conversations.  In the spirit of ongoing conversation and ministry, we would appreciate feedback from the course.

All feedback would be relevant whether it is around content or layout, time management or insight.   Perhaps you even have ideas how to take this forward?

Please send comments to Canon Cynthia Botha as Secretary to the Liturgical Committee  at

God’s grace and presence be with you and all you serve as you journey to Easter

The Revd Paul Germond, Canon Cynthia Botha, Revd Diana Lawrenson  and Fabian Oliver

St Francis Church, Parkview, Diocese of Johannesburg  

1 reply on “Feedback on the Lent course”

Dear Lent Team 2021
St Barnabas Anglican Church -Parish of the Buff did the Lent Course. Found it challenging, provocative and stimulating. We hope that we will have part 2 of the Lent course maybe ending with Safe Church Training for Lay Leaders in our Parish of St Barnabas Anglican Church-Parish of the Bluff-Durban. Well Done on the course.
Fr. Barnabas Sibusiso Nqindi

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