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Dr Makhosi Nzimande to be new PEO

Dr. Makhosazana Nzimande

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town announced today that the Ven. Canon Dr. Makhosazana Nzimande will become the Church’s next Provincial Executive Officer with effect from March 1, 2021.

Dr. Nzimande will replace the Ven. Horace Arenz, who is retiring. She is currently Rector of All Saints, Ladysmith, and Archdeacon of Uthukela in the Diocese of Natal.

She holds a number of leadership positions internationally and locally, among them Vice-Moderator of the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission, a member of the Church’s Provincial Liturgical Committee and the Advisory Board for Theological Education, and, in the Diocese of Natal, as an Archdeacon and a member of the Diocesan Chapter and Board of Trustees.

She has previously served as Lecturer and Head of Department of the University of Zululand’s Department of Theology and Studies, as director of the Diocese of Natal’s Institute for Leadership Development and as a field organiser for the Diakonia Council of Churches.

Her PhD in Biblical Interpretation (Old and New Testaments) was earned at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University in the United States. She has Bachelor’s and Honours degrees from the University of Natal (formerly Durban-Westville) and undertook Anglican studies at Westcott House, Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

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Congratulations to Revd Dr Makhosi Nzimande on this important office in the ACSA, I wish you well & that God’s Holy Spirit will lead & guide you as you prepare to take up this new position. I think that it’s the first time a Cleric from Diocese of Natal has been appointed to this Office of PEO. WE MUST BE PROUD OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Congratulations to Rev’d Dr Makhosi Nzimande of her appointment. She is indeed the perfect and most suitable candidate for the office. May God continue to gird her with humility and wisdom.

Makhosi, from a very young age was destined for great things. Her mother, a school teacher was a no nonsense kind of woman. She was not allowed to bunk church (not that she ever wanted to.) When she left for Westcott House the instruction from her priest was that she must go there, study, pass and try and make sure that she behaves such that people offer her scholarship. Instead she ended up with a PhD from the States.
I thought she was following on my footsteps. No, she surpassed that long ago.
She has followed all the steps in the church starting with being server and member of the Youth group.
God who calls you is faithful and He will do it (1 Thess 5:24)
The Parish of Enwabi Umlazi is proud of her. Congrats to my daughter. God blessed and empowers!!!

So proud of you Makhosi, when I think of you and Nonhlanhla Mauze Maloka as youth at Enwabi church at J section Umlazi.
Its true He knew before you were born, that the lady leader is coming from the dusty streets of Umlazi. May the good Lord keep you shinning and so humble.

Dear Makhosi
Our paths have crossed a number of times and I have always been impressed in the way you have comported yourself with courtesy and acuity. Your Imbokodo Theology has been of great assistance in my theological quest. The Anglican Church of Southern Africa and, indeed the Anglican Communion at large, will be all the richer with this your new appointment.
I have the utmost confidence in you to acquit yourself with dignity and distinction at this level.
You have my prayers

We celebrate with you Ven. Canon Dr. Makhosazana. We thank God for your willingness to serve. Be assured of my prayers for you

Congrats MaNzimande, may the good Lord carry you ngempiko zokhozi as you assume the well deserving duties of office of the PEO.

Well received appointment which represents the space of woman in ministry within the patriarchal historicity of the Church.

Thank you to the Arch: we are well represented indeeed

Congratulations are in order Ven. Canon Dr. Makhosazana. We rejoice with you on your appointment as the next PEO. Be assured of our prayers for you as assume this position of responsibility. May the good Lord be your guide.

Congratulations Revd Dr Makhosi Nzimande on your appointment as the new PEO, may God strengthen you as you continue His work in this vital position in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Congratulations to Revd Nzimande. Big up also to Archbishop Thabo for selecting a woman PEO. It gives expression to resolutions passed on women leadership. Happy retirement to Fr Horace. He’s been very diligent in his job. I enjoyed working with. Knowledgeable and helpful.

Congratulations Mfundisi Wami May our Lord lead you always in your new journey.All the best You will be in our prayers Diocese of Natal is proud of you.

Halala! Halala! Makhosi, congratulations. much deserve. You will make us and the church very proud. It is about time. Ke nano!

We are proud of you sis Makhosi as Nwabi Parish. We have seen you grow from the youth rank as a passionate servant of the Lord and we have no doubt you will excel in your new roll .Congratulations!! May God be with you in this new journey

On behalf of the Community of Jesus Compassion (CJC) in the Diocese of Natal, we would like to congratulate you Sis Makhosi on your new role. We are rooting for you and trust the Lord will lead you to execute your duties with success. You are in our prayers as your will be taking this enormous responsibility.

You have done a sterling job and your profile speaks volumes in your other responsibilities. We commend His Grace, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, for making this appointment. It is also reaffirming transformation within the Body of Christ in having a black woman, who is equal to task, to take such a responsibility.

Yours in Christ,
Mother Londiwe

Congratulations Reverend Dr Makhosi Nzimande , our dearest daughter at St Philips , Parish of Enwabi . May the good Lord be with you in your new position .

Congratulations Mhlobami, Rev Dr Makhosi! You have heeded the call and God will guide you, strengthen you and protect you also along this journey. We thank the Archbishop for recognizing imbikodo at such a critical time in the church. You have my full support in prayers ??

Nonhlanhla Maloka

My heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Nzimande on her appointment as PEO. With no doubt, I am confident that Dr. Nzimande will discharge this duty with skill, care and diligence. A sound professional, dedicated, passionate and a leader of high integrity. We also thank Fr TJ Vundla (the then Rector of Enwabi) for the exposure, opportunities and encouragement. We will continue to uphold you in prayer as you start this new leadership journey. May God grant you good health and wisdom.
With best wishes.

Congratulations to Rev Dr. Nzimande on her appointment. The task ahead of you is mammoth and the journey very long. The church is charged to pray for those in leadership positions, therefore you will be in our prayers, always.
To Ven Horace Arenz, we wish you a happy retirement and good health tata.

Congrats @Dr Makhosi Nzimande you are a true ambassador in the saying “leaders are not made, they are born”. All the best in the future and God’s blessings be with you in this journey. Mphephethwa

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