College of Transfiguration enters a new era!

The Province’s principal residential seminary, the College of Transfiguration (COTT) in the city of Makhanda in the Eastern Cape, has been granted its final registration with educational authorities.

South Africa’s Department of Higher Education and Training issued a certficate of registration for the college on July 10. In recent years, COTT has been operating under provisional registration.

The new certificate (below) confirms that COTT can award the Diploma in Theology, the Advanced Diploma in Ministry and the Bachelor of Theology degree.

“Good news! Christ is risen indeed!” commented Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, responding from the United States, where he has been attending the General Convention the The Episcopal Church. “Wow,” he added, “what a journey!”

Read about the College here:

9 replies on “College of Transfiguration enters a new era!”

Thanks and praise the Almighty for this accomplishment.

Are plans for the college to consider and accommodate part time courses for those in formal employment and being active in church.

To God be the Glory. I would also urge the College to consider distance learning for those who cannot attend full-time who wish to further their studies.

A good suggestion the Dean at large. Distance education should be considered since some of us would like to study theology towards our retirement.

I would agree, even readily be that retired person, were it not for the wisdom of years which tells me I would need a lot more energy than I currently have, to successfully fulfill the duties expected of any church leader. Think it through. If called remember you will walk and not be weary, run and not faint if you let the Lord teach you to serve. Pray for me that I too should know.

Indeed God is great. I think every Parish should have a Sunday dedicated to Theology teaching/education as it is in the church calendar. This should aim at raising funds for the COTT.

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