Provincial Notices

Collect for Provincial Synod 2021

Please pray for the proceedings of Provincial Synod, to be held from September 21-24 this year:

Merciful God,

You call us to be your disciples,

Fill us and the Members of Provincial Synod with your love,

So that our faith may transform 

the world’s grief and pain into hope

For you live and reign 

in the unity of the blessed Trinity,

One God, now and forever.


2 replies on “Collect for Provincial Synod 2021”

We pray for the smooth running of the proceedings during the Provincial Synod sitting. May all members who will be attending, be agents of Transformation in their respective Dioceses,Organisations and Institutions they will be representing at Synod. Lord hear us. Amen!

Our Lord Jesus Christ, You transformed the so dom ite tomb of death INTO Your Agape womb of new life: make us joyful witnesses of THIS Good News that all creation may be redeemed, restored and reconciled; for You LIVE and REIGN, in the unity of the Blessed Trinity, one God, in glory everlasting. Amen.

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