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Celebrating Sunday Eastertide Material

Eastertide Material

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3 replies on “Celebrating Sunday Eastertide Material”

I am concerned that the distinction between the Eucharist as THE ACT of worship of the church and the daily office as daily prayer is being blurred. This is happening because of the reading from the Gospel at the daily office being labelled “Proclamation” and being introduced as the Gospel Proclamation of the Eucharist is introduced. At the daily office the reading is the reading whether it is from the Gospels or any other book. It is read as a reading and the congregation sits. At the Eucharist it is the Gospel proclamation which the Church proclaims to the World, the congregation standing to show their participation in the proclamation. This is how I have always understood it.

Dear Tom
Thank you for your message. I have passed it on to the Prayer Book Revision Committee. I do agree with you and have also noticed that the office lesson if it is from the gospel, is treated like the gospel proclamation at the Eucharist. I think it is directly related to liturgical training – which is unfortunately not very good. At the recent Liturgical Committee, it was agreed to raise the concern about liturgical training with the Bishops and to ask them to raise the profile of such training in their dioceses.

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