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Diocese of Mthatha elects new Bishop

The Ven Jemuel Thembinkosi Ngombane is the new Bishop-elect of the Diocese of Mthatha.

Archdeacon Ngombane was elected on the first ballot at an Elective Assembly of the Diocese today. He was one of three candidates.

Please pray for Archdeacon Ngombane, his wife Nomathemba and their wider family as they prepare for his Consecration and Installation.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

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VACANCY – Diocesan Secretary, Zululand

The Anglican Diocese of Zululand is advertising the post of Diocesan Secretary.

Download full details below:

Provincial Notices

Diocese of Mbhashe elects new Bishop

The Very Revd Mluleki Fikizolo, Dean of Mbhashe, has been chosen as the new Bishop-elect of the Diocese.

He was elected on the third ballot at an Elective Assembly of the Diocese today. He was one of six candidates nominated.

Please pray for Dean Fikizolo, his family and the Diocese as they prepare for his Consecration and Installation.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

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Nominees for the Elective Assemblies of the Dioceses of Mbhashe and Mthatha

Please pray for the following candidates and their families. The Elective Assemblies will be taking place over the next couple of days.

Diocese of Mbhashe

1. Canon Siphiwo Linda Bam

2. The Very Revd Mluleki Fikizolo

3. Archdeacon Dr Bonginkosi Justice Mditshane

4. Canon Xola Cecil Mlandu

5. Archdeacon Simnikiwe Oswald Nkosivumile Mqunyana

6. Archdeacon Dr Zweledinga Tyumre.

Diocese of Mthatha

1. Ven Dr Bonginkosi Justice Mditshane

2. Ven Mzubanzi Mdunyelwa

3. Ven Jamuel Thembinkosi Ngombane

Provincial Notices

Cape Town Diocesan tribunal judgement

[Updated] The disciplinary tribunal of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town which has held hearings into charges – including sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual immorality- against the Revd Melvin Booysen, delivered its judgement on Thursday September 30. A webcast of the judgement can be viewed below. The full text of the judgement is also available.

Provincial Notices Synod of Bishops

Synod of Bishops – September 2021 – Communiqué

A PDF version of this Communiqué, issued after the Synod’s meeting on September 20th and 21st is available below the text.


I wish you to be shepherds with ‘the smell of the sheep’” – Pope Francis

The Synod of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa held our September meeting over two days on a virtual platform this year. The previous day the Synod spent a difficult but rewarding day in discerning the mind of Christ to fill two vacant Dioceses. We are glad to announce that Bishop Brian Marajh will assume the episcopal seat in Kimberley and Kuruman, and the Revd Dr Vicentia Kgabe has become the Bishop-Elect of Lesotho. The Bishops also agreed to the translation of Bishop Vicente Msosa of Niassa to the newly-established Missionary Diocese of Zambezia. The Synod of Bishops also, albeit reluctantly, agreed to the retirement of Bishop Luke Pato of Namibia.

This Synod of Bishops was a special occasion in the sense that it was the last time that the Bishops from our Portuguese-speaking Dioceses shared with us in our deliberations. We were joined by the Vicars-General of the newly established Dioceses of the Igreja Anglicana de Mozambique e Angola (IAMA).

Great gratitude and appreciation were expressed to Vicars-General who all excelled in providing leadership in vacant Dioceses, a number for unusually long periods during coronavirus lockdowns. The Bishops voted unanimously in favour of them being conferred with the title of Honorary Provincial Canon. The Synod of Bishops reflected on the implementation of the new Canon 4. In six elections that used the new provisions, only one Diocese was able to elect a Bishop. It was agreed that more fine-tuning to Canon 4 is needed if it is to serve the ACSA more effectively. A motion to this effect was passed by Synod and will now serve before Provincial Synod. The motion will ask Provincial Synod to approve the increase of the number of ballots from eight to ten before an election is referred to the Synod of Bishops. This arrangement will be valid only until the next Provincial Synod in 2024.

The Synod of Bishops discussed and endorsed a report proposing that the Diocese of Natal consider multiplying by establishing new, smaller Dioceses. Synod noted the positive experiences of Dioceses in other regions which have multiplied in the past, and the solid case which the Diocese of Natal presented for multiplication. It resolved to support the consideration of a motion on the matter at Provincial Synod. It also noted the need for a formal motion from the Synod of the Diocese of Natal to Provincial Synod in order to meet the requirements for due diligence.

Advocate Pansy Tlakula, Chairperson of the Information Regulator (South Africa), and a team from her office addressed Synod on the complexities of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and its implications for ACSA. Synod of Bishops learnt that as long as personal information is used for the purpose for which it was gathered we should not have problems. ACSA is to ensure that each Diocese and each parish must see to the appointment and registration of a POPIA compliance officer. The golden rule to adhere to in order to ensure compliance is G-O-D: personal information is to be Gathered, Organised (kept safe), and Destroyed when appropriate.

The Synod of Bishops learnt from Bishop Dintoe Letloenyane, Liaison Bishop for the youth, of the positive spirit amongst our youth. They seem to rise to opportunities in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Their ready use of online platforms to celebrate children and young people; the development of liturgies that are used to great effect on virtual platforms; their consistent messages to their peers not to be tempted to take part in the looting and arson in South Africa in early July; and their call to refrain from alcohol and substance abuse which the lockdown experiences seem to encourage are all positive and encouraging signs.

We rejoiced at the news of the publication of an abridged version of the Anglican Prayer Book in the Kwanyama language (indigenous to Namibia).

Canon Rosalie Manning from the Safe and Inclusive Church Network reminded the Bishops about the need to have on file from clerics (and bishops) any possible adverse information as to their conduct relating to the different categories of abuse. The Synod of Bishops was deeply saddened when it needed to confirm a Diocesan Tribunal sentence of degradation of an accused priest. The charges included sexual harassment.

The Bishops received a challenging report from the working group on Guidelines for Couples in Same Sex Unions. The need for a possible pastoral response was again emphasised and it was referred to Dioceses for further study. One of the slides in the presentation summed up our present situation: “Human Sexuality: our discomfort in talking about it. Our difficulty in learning about it. Could result in our misunderstanding of it, render us impotent in responding to it.”

Canon Manning gave us an update, on behalf of the ACSA COVID-19 Provincial Advisory Team, on our legal obligations in terms of the COVID-19 protocols. She also shared statistics and the impact of the pandemic and how it has brought about other challenges, for example, in areas such as mental health and Gender-Based Violence. Synod agreed to endorse the call for all to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Chairperson of the Task Team on Discrimination in Anglican Schools, Professor Mary Metcalfe, gave a progress report. The team have started to engage with heads and other representatives of Anglican schools. The engagements are a way of seeking collaboration to address discrimination at our Diocesan schools. The Bishops and Vicars-General were encouraged to take leadership in these initiatives.

Professor N Barney Pityana, who heads the Archbishop’s Commission on the College of the Transfiguration, Theological Education and Ministerial Formation, spoke powerfully on the challenges and opportunities which COVID presents to the Church when he referred to the special spiritual and theological moments which we are presented with during the pandemic. Deep questions about who and what we are must be reflected on in theological terms. At present our focus on Mission and Evangelism is compromised and we seem to shy away from grappling with and exploring the difficult questions which our present context presents.

Synod of Bishops received a report from Bishop Carlos Matsinhe of Lebombo on the development of the new Province of IAMA. We noted the consent of the Primates of the Communion to the establishment of the new Province, the adoption of the Constitution and Canons in the first Provincial Synod held on the 1st of September 2021, the creation of eight new dioceses, and the appointment of Vicars-General. The Bishops endorsed the process and commended it to Provincial Synod for final approval.

We gave thanks for the sterling work of the outgoing director of Growing the Church, the Revd Trevor Pearce and welcomed the appointment of his successor, the Revd Bruce Woolley. The Bishops pray that the Province will share their excitement about the upcoming Anglicans Ablaze Conference. ACSA will be hosting an international conference, so it will be good to see solid support from home.

Membership of the Provincial Order of Simon of Cyrene was to be conferred on Ms Di Oliver and Advocate Ronnie Bracks. The Revd Courtney Sampson and Revd Rachel Mash were to be bestowed with the Archbishop’s Award for Peace with Justice. We noted with pride the Lambeth decorations in the form of the Cross of St Augustine for Services to the Anglican Communion to the Revd Dr Rachel Mash and Bishop Luke Pato, and the Langton Award for Community Service to the late Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya.

PDF version follows:

Provincial Notices Provincial Synod

Full text of the Archbishop’s Charge to Provincial Synod 2021

Read the Archbishop’s Charge online here:

A PDF version of the Archbishop’s Charge is available here:

Provincial Notices

Principles of ACSA’s Provincial Budget

The principles underlying the Church’s annual budget were laid out in the form of a slide presentation by the Provincial Treasurer, Rob Rogerson, at the meeting of the 2021 Provincial Synod.

See the presentation here:

Provincial Notices

New Bishops elected for Kimberley & Kuruman and Lesotho

The Electoral College of Bishops met virtually today to elect new bishops for the vacant dioceses of Kimberley & Kuruman and Lesotho.

The bishops elected to translate the Right Revd Brian Marajh of George to become the Bishop of Kimberley & Kuruman.

They also elected the Revd Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe, Rector of the College of the Transfiguration, as Bishop of Lesotho.

Please pray for Bishop Marajh and Dr Kgabe, their families and their dioceses as they prepare for their installation and consecration respectively.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer

Provincial Notices

Provincial Synod Agenda books available

The Agenda books containing full details and proposals for the 2021 Provincial Synod, to take place from September 21 to 24, are available on the Provincial Synod page here >>>

Provincial Notices

2022 Lectionary News

The Lectionary for 2022  will be available by the week of 4th October 2021. 

Please place your order with your diocesan office or local bookshop  ( if this is how you usually order)  OR  send an email  to

We will send a quote for the amount due and send the order on receipt of payment (after 4 October 2021).

Note this year the Lectionary will be available in TWO FORMATS

1.  Soft cover printed edition @ R30 per copy

      Available in English and isiXhosa

2.    e-book edition  @ R25 per copy.

For  the electronic book you need to order via the ACSA website –

 go to →  to Lctionary 2022

chose e-book option,

complete all the details needed

send an EFT in payment (use your surname as a reference)

 and the book will be emailed to you.

Remember both formats available from week of 4th October 2021.

Kind regards

Canon Cynthia Botha

ACSA Publishing Committee

Provincial Notices

Cape Town tribunal delay [Updated]

One of the legal teams in the Diocesan Tribunal hearings considering an allegation of rape against a Cape Town priest has asked for more time to submit their closing arguments.

As a consequence, the release of the Tribunal’s judgement will be delayed until a date still to be determined in the second half of September.

Tribunal of the Diocese of Cape Town

Update – September 4:

This week saw new developments in this matter:

  1. The High Court in Cape Town declined to issue an order preventing the complainant from naming the defendant on social media. The church was not involved in this hearing. (The defendant’s name was already in the public domain in the church’s own proceedings.) The Safe and Inclusive Church Commission issued this short comment in response to media inquiries about the case: “The Church was not involved in the High Court case which was brought by the Reverend Melvin Booysen against the Reverend June Major and we ask that you contact Mr Booysen’s lawyer, for comment. Additionally, due to the ongoing work of the tribunal, it would be inappropriate for us to comment. The Church remains focused on publishing the verdict of the Tribunal it held into the alleged rape reported by Rev June Major towards the end of September.”
  2. The heads of argument filed by lawyers for the Diocese of Cape Town’s Presenter of the charges against the defendants, and for the defendant, are available at the following link:

Provincial Notices

RIP Canon John Stubbs

The Revd. Canon Dr John Stubbs died in Orland Park, Illinois, on August 16, aged 68. He was living in retirement in the United States, where he had married again, to Barbara. The Archbishop wrote this letter of condolence to the members of his family:

I write to you to convey the Anglican Church of Southern Africa’s condolences on John’s death last week.

Mkhululi Duncan, Paul and Khuthaza: going back to the days when your parents – John and Nommso – were pioneers in ministry together, your father was a faithful servant of the Church in Southern Africa.

After having to leave South Africa, and studying and serving the church in the United States, he returned to make a substantial contribution to the Province as Dean of Studies from 1991 until 1999. He then went on to serve in the historically significant position as Dean of Grahamstown at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. George.

From the tributes published in the United States, he clearly continued to endear himself to his congregants in New York and Massachusetts.

We are proud in this Province to read, in an obituary published in the US, that in that country also, “John spoke out against racism and indifference to those in need. He was actively involved in issues and movements of civil rights, peace and community service. He made space for those hurting, the under-represented, and the discounted. He was also an advocate of women’s ordination.”

May you feel the strength of God’s comfort as your mourn his loss and celebrate his life.

May John rest in peace and rise in glory

Yours in Christ’s service

++Thabo Cape Town

Provincial Notices

Cape Town diocesan tribunal completes hearings

The Tribunal completed the hearing of evidence yesterday and will consider its judgement upon receipt of heads of argument from the respective legal representatives. Judgement is expected during September.

Tribunal of the Diocese of Cape Town

Provincial Notices

Synod of Bishops to elect new Diocesan for eSwatini

Kindly be informed that the Elective Assembly of the Diocese of Swaziland has delegated the election of its new Bishop to the Synod of Bishops.

Please keep the Diocese and the Synod of Bishops in your prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Provincial Executive Officer