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New SA Covid guidelines – ACSA – Feb 4

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Provincial Notices

Theme for Provincial Synod – 21-24 Sept 2021

ACSA has brought forward its next meeting of Provincial Synod to September this year. The Provincial Synod Advisory Committee has held its first meeting, and invites you to help finalise the proposed theme.

The Committee has provisionally proposed the following:

Discipleship through Faith, Hope and Love: ACSA acting for a transformed world

Outlining the rationale for the theme, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba points to faith, hope and love as key tools drawn from the Pauline corpus upon which to build our discipling, locating our action within ACSA with the goal of transforming the world.

Readers are invited to comment or make suggestions for amendments or alternatives by Friday February 19.

The Archbishop also asks you, over and above legislative matters, what you think Synod should be discussing, whether arising from your suggestions on the theme or concerning other issues.

Please use the Comments field below to take part in the debate. Note that comments are moderated, so your contribution might take a day or two to appear.

Provincial Executive Officer

Provincial Notices

A Lent Course for 2021 – ACSA

A commendation by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

Dear People of God

We enter Lent this year at a time of unprecedented  suffering as a consequence of Covid-19. But while, thanks to medical science and collective action, we can be confident that this pandemic too shall pass, the “hidden pandemic” of our times – gender-based violence – remains deeply rooted in our society.

It is with that in mind that Provincial Standing Committee commissioned “Living Holy and Healthy Relationships” as the Lent Course for 2021.  As the introduction says, “Given that GBV brings such deep devastation to individuals, families and communities, we are often overwhelmed by the disastrous effects of this violence.” But just as we can overcome Covid-19, so too can we overcome GBV if we dedicate as many resources, both spiritually and through collective action, to uprooting this evil.

I commend warmly “Living Holy and Healthy Relationships” and appeal to you to engage earnestly with it, mustering all the energy you can to working among those in your patch of God’s Kingdom to bring about the changes in outlook and behaviour needed to end permanently this scourge.

To the Provincial Liturgical Committee and the Parish of St Francis of Assisi Parish, Parkview, we extend our thanks for the fine work they have done.

God bless.

†† Thabo Cape Town

Provincial Notices

Elective Assemblies Postponed

Update: January 13, 2021: The four Elective Assemblies have been postponed as a consequence of the second wave of the coronavirus, and new South African government regulations preventing them from being held in person. The Archbishop is consulting with the church’s lawyers, the Synod of Bishops and the Dioceses on the way ahead.

The following have been nominated as candidates for Elective Assemblies to be held in the Dioceses of Natal, Kimberley & Kuruman, Lesotho and Zululand during February.

The Ven Horace Arenz, Provincial Executive Officer


The Very Reverend Xolani Dlwati
The Revd Mlungisi Hadebe 
The Revd Barnabas S Nqindi
The Revd Sithembiso Ntshangase


The Revd Canon Jerome Francis
The Very Revd Reginald Leeuw
The Ven Dr Lepai Meschack Trevor Mariri
The Ven Mosimanegape Aaron Morake
The Revd Gift Van Staden


The Revd Edwin Molemo Baatjies
The Revd Matsitso Josephine Duma
The Revd Canon Benjamin Nkopa Mafereka
The Revd Dr Isaiah Makhetha
The Very Revd Tanki Job Mofana
The Very Revd Mosokotso Lazarus Mohapi
The Revd Kenny Ntoane
The Revd Abiel Lethale Pheko


The Revd Lewis Eisenhower Stevenson Gumede
The Revd Vikinduku Victor Mnculwane
Provincial Notices

Loraine Tulleken, RIP

News that the Revd Loraine Tulleken died earlier today of a suspected heart attack at her home in Kommetjie in the Western Cape is numbing.

One of the great communicators of our church, Loraine edited Southern Anglican for many years and has since been producing by e-mail the Anglicans in Africa News Bulletin.

Her blunt wisdom was on display just five days before her death when she wrote on her Facebook page: “Anyone else irritated by the term ‘passed on’? To die is part of our spiritual journey.”

In Johannesburg, she was known as a dedicated priest, where I was her archdeacon when she served in Sophiatown, and testimony to how she was loved in Cape Town was provided today by the Rector of St Clare’s, Ocean View:

Reverend Lorraine.

Thank you for always welcoming our young ones to celebrate mass with you. Thank you for making them a part of your ministry. Our parish was blessed to be enriched with your knowledge.

You shared your love, friendship and stories with us and we are privileged to have shared your life journey with you.

Rest in peace Reverend Lorraine.

Dance with the angels.😇

Father Ulric and the Parish Family

Our deepest condolences go to her family. – Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

The Revd Loraine Tulleken celebrating with young people (St Clare’s, Ocean View).
Provincial Notices

New Lectionary now for sale – e-book & softcover

English and isiXhosa editions of the lectionary for the Church year beginning with Advent are now available from the Publishing Committee.

The English edition is also available as an e-book, to read in downloaded software. Click here >>

Provincial Notices

Dr Makhosi Nzimande to be new PEO

Dr. Makhosazana Nzimande

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town announced today that the Ven. Canon Dr. Makhosazana Nzimande will become the Church’s next Provincial Executive Officer with effect from March 1, 2021.

Dr. Nzimande will replace the Ven. Horace Arenz, who is retiring. She is currently Rector of All Saints, Ladysmith, and Archdeacon of Uthukela in the Diocese of Natal.

She holds a number of leadership positions internationally and locally, among them Vice-Moderator of the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission, a member of the Church’s Provincial Liturgical Committee and the Advisory Board for Theological Education, and, in the Diocese of Natal, as an Archdeacon and a member of the Diocesan Chapter and Board of Trustees.

She has previously served as Lecturer and Head of Department of the University of Zululand’s Department of Theology and Studies, as director of the Diocese of Natal’s Institute for Leadership Development and as a field organiser for the Diakonia Council of Churches.

Her PhD in Biblical Interpretation (Old and New Testaments) was earned at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University in the United States. She has Bachelor’s and Honours degrees from the University of Natal (formerly Durban-Westville) and undertook Anglican studies at Westcott House, Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Provincial Notices

16 Days of Activism – Resources

Updated November 25

Pause-Pray-Pledge – A Daily Programme for the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women & Girls Miranda Pillay [PDF] >>

International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN) – 16 Days of Activism >>

IAWN hopes that these links, resources and examples will inspire and help Anglicans around the Communion to participate in this year’s international 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence which run from 25 November (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day). (Join webinars on different issues from Wednesday Nov 25 to Thursday Dec 10.)

We are facing four Pandemics, and one is “Gender-based Sexual Violence” – Growing the Church [PDF] >>

We are facing four Pandemics, and one is “Gender-based Sexual Violence”. Covid-19, Poverty/Greed, and Environmental Degradation are the other three, and we are addressing these in other forums. Let’s focus on GBV.

Hand in Hand: Bible studies to transform our response to Gender-based Sexual Violence – Tearfund [PDF] >>

This book explores passages from the Bible to help us gain some insight into the impact of sexual violence on our communities and churches, and to suggest ways we can respond. These Bible studies are designed to be used in small groups, such as Bible study groups, Mothers’ Union meetings, youth groups or other church groups.Church Resource Manual on Sexual Gender Based Violence – We Will Speak Out South Africa Coalition

TRANSFORMING MASCULINITIES: A training manual for Gender Champions – Tearfund [PDF] >>

Church Resource Manual on Sexual Gender Based Violence – We Will Speak Out South Africa Coalition:

88-page PDF >>

38-page PDF >>

The Shadow Pandemic: Violence Against Women and Girls and COVID-19 – UN Women >>

Resolution of 2020 Provincial Standing Committee:

Resolution on Gender-based Violence

Noting with urgency that women are being murdered daily and that Gender-based violence is increasing in society at alarming levels. GBV is a cause of consequence of gender inequality and injustice.

Noting that Gender Based Violence is primarily violence perpetrated by men on women. These men are quite often a loved one, trusted leader or close relative.

Noting that in the context of this global pandemic, occurrences of GBV have increased making GBV a shadow pandemic.

Noting the presence of a Gender programme in ACSA with a comprehensive strategy, however without substantial resources to ensure effective implementation of the programme, which includes dealing with the scourge of GBV, Gender sensitisation and addressing the issues of masculinity.

Acknowledging the role of the church in being complicit in allowing GBV to go unchallenged and that GBV flourishes in an environment of silence, shame and stigma, of unbelief and avoiding so called difficult conversations and justice.

Acknowledging that patriarchy is evil, a sin and a heresy, especially when interpreting scriptures to reinforce concepts of male dominance and headship. It is evidenced in our teachings on the sanctity of marriage, family values and the subservience of women. It is also evidenced in our liturgy and language that excludes women.Acknowledging that as a province we have passed many resolutions on GBV, inclusive language, diversity and representation. It is time now to act.

Acknowledging the presence and work of the Safe Church Commission

This PSC hereby resolves:

1. That all dioceses revisit the communication from Synod of Bishops February 2020 that declared a state of emergency on GBV and immediately put in place a programme to deal with the scourge of GBV.

2. That each diocese has a dedicated gender officer or task team that liaises with HOPE Africa as well as all provincial organisations involved in training and programmes on GBV, so that these programmes get to diocesan and parish level.

3. The Provincial Liturgical Committee create a Season that focus on GBV, with Readings, Prayers, Liturgical materials, Sermon outlines and materials for Small Group Bible Studies.

4. That we ensure that all our liturgies are transformed to be gender inclusive and all dioceses request that each Parish uses these gender inclusive liturgies.

5. That we immediately stop referring to male priests as “Father” and begin to use more gender inclusive titles like Reverend, Moruti, etc.

6. That we respectfully request the Metropolitan to request the Anglican Theological Commission to identify doctrines, beliefs and practices that need to be eliminated to ensure that our teachings and practices are life-giving for both women and men. These should include but not be limited to theologies of male headship, female submission, family values, codes of purity, discourses of protection and pity.

7. That we respectfully respect the Archbishop to declare a theme for Lent of 2021 to focus on GBV.

8. To strive to have equal representation of women at all leadership and decision making levels of the church.

9. That the ACSA budget includes an adequate financial allocation to deal with GBV.

10. That all Dioceses adopt and promote the “Thursdays in Black” campaign against GBV.

11. That the liturgical committee write a prayer for women (like the Prayer for Africa) to be prayed at every Eucharistic celebration.

12. That men become more involved in challenging patriarchy and GBV. This should begin with a men’s webinar, where men speak about their experience of male privilege.

Provincial Notices

Beloved of God – course material available


This six week course was written in response to a motion of Provincial Synod 1999 concerning violence against women. 

It has been reprinted and the information updated as material to deal with this topic on a parish level is very urgently needed in our society today.  The need for material was emphasized again at Provincial Synod 2019 and Provincial Standing Committee in 2020.

It can be used at any time of the year.

Two books are provided for the course:

Leaders Guide @ R50  each

Participants Workbook  @ R40 each. (contains all the handouts)

The  6  week Course covers:

Susanna – Beloved of God – reflection on Daniel 13.  All are beloved of God

Abused Women – considers at the abuse of power

Battered women –  looks at the cycle of violence

Raped women – Bible Study on Tamar /effects of rape on women

Afraid women – to help men and women come to know God is a loving God

ALL OF US – Beloved of God – breaking forms of oppression.

Available from:

ACSA Publishing Committee

Provincial Notices

Order of Service for ACSA 150th Anniversary

Provincial Notices

Revised Constitution and Canons available

The Constitution and Canons A5 Blue lever arch file with contents @ R130

C & C  Full set of inserts  @ R100 (you will need to replace ALL the pages in your blue file!)

The Constitution and Canons – A5 Book @ R110

Excl. postage.  Please send your order to

This set of Canons has been revised to include changes arising from Provincial Synod held in September 2019.

We will send a quote and the order will be delivered on receipt of payment.

ACSA Publishing Committee Tel: 010 880 4396

Provincial Notices

New Book by John Suggit

Fifty Gobbets
from The New Testament
and Some Nuggets

by John N Suggit
ISBN – 978-0-620-88016-9
@ R70

Gobbets are brief extracts from literary writings, here taken from the New Testament, with the aim of helping clergy, ministers and all readers who are ready to explore its riches, to discover more than the text seems to say.

Some endorsements:
“This book contains a wealth of information, based on sound exegesis and an excellent knowledge of the interpretation of scripture, and, very importantly, a most welcome focus on the way in which these Scriptural Gobbets may be appropriated in a meaningful way in our current context”.[Professor Francois Tolmie, University of the Free State.]

“The gobbets provide readers with an interpretation of various passages of Scripture from several critical angles. They highlight the subtle nuances of the biblical text succinctly, whilst simultaneously making it accessible to a lay person as well as the theologian. They will empower preachers, bible study group leaders and seekers with a wonderful tool to engage with Scripture. The author remains true to the integrity of God’s word that can only aid the credibility and relevance of the sacred text for this momentous time in our history. I highly recommend these life-giving gobbets that can only aid that most exacting discipline of expository preaching.” [Eddie Daniels, Bishop of Port Elizabeth.]

ACSA Publications Tel 010 880 4396

orders to

Provincial Notices

Educational grants for clergy children – 2020

Applications are invited for this year’s educational grants for children of clergy from the Robert Selby Taylor Will Trust.

The deadline for this year’s applications is August 31, 2020.

Under the rules of the trust, grants are limited to the children of stipendiary clergy only. Applications should be submitted to Bishopscourt, endorsed by the Bishop of the Diocese in which the cleric applying for a grant is licensed.

The grants do not cover the costs of clergy studies or pre-school and preparatory education. The Robert Selby Taylor Will Trust Fund should be regarded as “last resort” rather than first port of call for funding.

To download full details and an application form, click on the links below:

Provincial Notices

Joburg seeks new Diocesan Executive Officer

The Diocese of Johannesburg is seeking a new Diocesan Executive Officer (DEO).

This self starter will form part of the diocesan leadership team and support the bishop, finance and trust board to fulfill their duties and support the work of God in this part of the vineyard.

Interested persons may see the details of the advertisement for the position here

A detailed role description can be found here

The application form is available online here.

Closing date: 31st May 2020 at 23:59

Provincial Notices

Cape Town consecration postponed

Postponement of the Consecration of the Bishop of Table Bay (Diocese of Cape Town)

A decision has been taken to postpone the Consecration service of the Bishop of Table Bay which was scheduled to take place on Saturday 2nd May 2020.

As soon as the lockdown has been lifted, a new date will be confirmed.

The Ven Horace Arenz

Provincial Executive Officer