Amended at Provincial Synod 2019

1.   Election of missionary bishops

(a)   Missionary bishops shall be chosen by the Bishops of the Province; provided that the Bishops are satisfied that adequate provision can be made for their maintenance.

(b)  If the number of priests in a Missionary Diocese be not less than six, no Bishop shall be elected by the Bishops of the Province until the clergy of the diocese shall have had opportunity to communicate their wishes to the Metropolitan, and through the Metropolitan to the said Bishops of the Province.

2.   Confirmation

2. The Confirmation, Consecration and Collation of a Missionary Bishop shall be conducted in the same manner as is prescribed in the Canons in the case of a Bishop elected to fill a vacant See.

3.   Privileges

Missionary Bishops, as long as  the appointment of a Missionary Bishop is retained, shall be entitled to all the privileges of a bishop of this Province.

4.  Obedience

Missionary Bishops shall be subject to the Constitution and Canons relating to Diocesan Bishops.

5.    Establishment of new Missionary Dioceses and Missionary Bishops

The Metropolitan and Bishops of the Province shall not establish a new missionary diocese unless they are satisfied that there is need for its formation, that it is capable of being governed by Synodical government and that its staff are sufficient for it to function as a unit of the Church.

6.   Conversion of a Missionary Diocese and Missionary Bishop into a fully-fledged Provincial Diocese and Diocesan Bishop

A missionary diocese shall not be converted into a fully-fledged provincial diocese unless the Synod of Bishops are satisfied that there is a need for such conversion and that its staff and finances are sufficient for it to function as a unit of the Church, whereupon the Missionary Bishop becomes the Diocesan Bishop notwithstanding the provisions of Canon 4, Of The Election of Bishops.