Chapter: C33 SERVICES

Lawful Services

1 In ministering in the congregation no Clergyman of this Church may use any other Services but such as are appointed in the Book of Common Prayer, nor may he use these Services in any other manner than is prescribed in the said Book, except so far as alterations and abridgements of, and additions to, the Services of the Church are made or allowed in this Church by the Provincial Synod, or are allowed exceptionally by the Bishop.

Lawful Ministers

2 No person shall be permitted to officiate in sacred things in any congregation of this Church, except under the authority of the Bishop of the Diocese. Provided that any person who shall have satisfied the Incumbent or Churchwardens (in the absence of the Incumbent) that he is a Clergyman of this Church, or of some other Church of the Anglican Communion, may be permitted by him or by them (in his absence) to officiate in the congregation for one Sunday, but for no more than one without the permission of the Bishop, except he be a Chaplain to the Forces, who will be considered as one of the Clergy of the Diocese, except he be inhibited by the Bishop.


3 Any clergyman of this Church may, with the permission of the Bishop of the Diocese, unite in the Administration of the Sacraments, or in the conduct of Divine Service, with other ministers not appointed to minister in this Church.


4 No Hymn or Collection of Hymns shall be hereafter introduced into the Public Services of any congregation of this Province without the consent of the Bishop of the Diocese.

Special Services

All Public Fasts and Thanksgivings enjoined by authority shall in this Province be religiously observed, and every Bishop shall give directions to the Clergy of his Diocese as to the form of Prayer which they are to use on such occasions.