Amended Provincial Synod 2019

1.  Keeping of Registers and Records

The Incumbent and Churchwardens of each parish shall:
(a) keep a register of all Parishioners and Communicants in the parish;
(b) ensure that all Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Cremations conducted in the parish or elsewhere by ministers of the parish are recorded in suitable registers;
(c) maintain an Inventory of all movable property belonging to the parish;
(d) maintain a Register of all immovable property occupied by or belonging to the parish;
(e) cause Minutes to be taken at all meetings of the Vestry and the Prish Council, and ensure that these are securely kept;
(f) ensure that financial records of the parish are retained;

(g)  ensure that electricity and water bills are audited, and necessary actions taken to reduce such bills.

2.  Custody

All Registers and Records shall be kept in a safe provided for this purpose, or in some other secure place.

3.  Archives of Registers

Registers and Minutes shall be retained in the parish for a period to be decided by each Diocese, after which they or suitable copies shall be sent to the Diocesan Office for onward transmission, at the discretion of the Diocese, to the diocesan or provincial archives or the State Library.