Return of Election

1   It shall be the duty of the chairman of the Vestry held in terms of section l(a) of Canon 27 of Vestries to make a return of the election of Churchwardens, alternate Churchwardens, Chapelwardens, and Parish Councillors, with their full names, to the Archdeacon, within one week of their election or, in Pastoral Charges with many congregations, within such time as shall be determined by the Synod of each Di@se. ff there be no objection to their election the Archdeacon or his Commissary shall admit them to their office according to the form set out in section 6 of this Canon.

Archdeacon’s Objection

2 By virtue of his office the Archdeacon has the power Of objection, for sufficient canonical cause, to the election of any person. But any person or persons to whose election objection has been taken may appeal against the decision of the Archdeacon to the Bishop’s Court under section 8 of Canon 3F6 Of the Tribunals of the Church, and the same right of appeal shall be open to any Churchwarden removed from office under section 6(b)(iii) of Canon 29 Of Churchwardens and Chapelwardens. Any appeal shall be lodged within fourteen days of receipt of notice of objection or removal.

Assumption of Office

3 Everyone elected as above shall be considered invested with the office of Churchwarden, alternate Churchwarden, Chapelwarden or Parish Councillor twenty-one days after the date of election, unless the Archdeacon shall rule otherwise, or unless such person shalt fail upon request of the Archdeacon to accept admission to his office and/or to make the appropriate declaration.


4 Sidesmen may be admitted by the use of a form of sidesmen Declaration and Admission similar to that set out in sections 5 and 6 of this Canon.


5 Declaration to be made by Churchwardens, Alternate Churchwarden, Chapelwardens and Parish Councillors.

I declare that, in obedience to my Bishop and in accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, I will faithfully and truly execute the office of Churchwarden / Alternate Churchwarden / Chapel Warden / Parish Councillor within the Parish of C. to the best of my skill and knowledge, and for the furtherance of the work of God in this place. I hereby subscribe to the Pastoral Standards set out in Act XV of Provincial Synod, as may be amended from time to time, and undertake to exercise my ministry in accordance with those Standards


6. Form of admission of Churchwardens, Alternate Churchwardens, Chapelwardens and Parish Councillors.

I, D.E., Archdeacon of F., admit you, A.B., to the office of G. in the Parish of C. for the year beginning 20.., enjoining you in the name of the Lord duly to discharge your office to the utmost of your ability.

Dated this ………… day of ……………….. 20….