Vacant Bishoprics

1. Whenever any See of this Province shall be vacant by the death of a Bishop or other sufficient cause, the spiritual care and government thereof shall devolve upon the Metropolitan, who shall appoint a Vica General to act until the See be again canonically filled.

Revenues of the Bishopric

2 Any Bishopric Endowment or other funds vested directly in or placed solely under the supervision of the Diocesan Bishop for his own use in terms of the Trust Fund, donation or bequest by which such funds were established, (hereafter referred to as the revenues of the Bishopric), shall, during the vacancy of the See, be received and administered by the Chapter of the Cathedral, together with the Vicar General (if he be not a member of the Chapter) or, if there be no Chapter, by the Vicar General, who shall duly account for the same to the next succeeding Bishop within three months from the date of his collation.


3 The Chapter, together with the Vicar General, or, if there be no such Chapter, the Board of Finance for the Diocese, shall apportion out of the revenues of the vacant Bishopric such sum as they shall see fit to remunerate the Metropolitan and the Vicar General for the services rendered by them.