Amended by Provincial Synod 2021

1.  Function

The main function of the Archdeacon is to share in the pastoral ministry and missionary leadership of the Bishop, and to lead their Archdeaconry in the Five Marks of Mission, in the area to which the Archdeacon is appointed.

2 (a)  Appointment and Resignation

(i)   Archdeacons shall be appointed by the Bishop after consultation with the Clergy of the Archdeaconry in which each shall be appointed to serve, and shall hold office for a period of five years, as and from the date of their appointment.

(ii)   On the expiration of this period of five years their term of office shall automatically cease and determine.

(iii)   They shall be eligible for re-appointment for periods not exceeding two years on each occasion, after each of which periods, their office shall cease unless they are re-appointed for a further period.

(b) The Bishop may revoke the appointment of an Archdeacon after consultation with and the agreement by majority vote of the Dean (if appointed) and the other Archdeacons of the Diocese.

(c) One year after the collation of a Bishop to a See, the Archdeacon or Archdeacons then holding office in the Diocese shall resign, and the Bishop shall appoint the new Archdeacon or Archdeacons, the retiring Archdeacon or Archdeacons being eligible for re-appointment in accordance with the provisions of subsection (a):  Provided that in this case the Bishop may treat such re-appointment as a new appointment.

(d) No appointment of an Archdeacon shall be revoked, nor shall an Archdeacon be required to resign until the Bishop is satisfied that adequate provision is made for the maintenance of the Archdeacon. Should any dispute arise to the adequacy of such provision, the matter shall be referred to and decided by the Metropolitan.

3.  Obedience to Archdeacon

By virtue of the  office, the Archdeacon is entitled to the same obedience as the Bishop with regard to such matters as have been entrusted to the Archdeacon.

4.   Examination of Inventories, Records and Property

(a)   Unless the Bishop shall otherwise decide, the Archdeacon shall at least annually examine the financial records, the Inventory of Parochial Property, the Burial Grounds, and the fabric of the Church and other Parochial Property in the Pastoral Charges in the Archdeaconry, and report thereon to the Bishop.
(b)  At each such examination the Archdeacon shall also inspect all other parish registers and records prescribed in Canon 32 Of Registers, Records and Inventories, and shall ensure that the requirements of that Canon have been satisfied.

(c)  The Archdeacon shall ensure that the Parish puts in place ways to reduce its electricity, water and paper usage.

5.  Power to delegate

The Archdeacon may, with the Bishop’s consent, or at the Bishop’s request, appoint some other person or persons to carry out some or all of the functions specified in section 4.

6.  Archdeacon and Church Officers

(a)   The Archdeacon shall admit the Churchwardens, Parish Councillors and sidespersons to their offices, personally or by Commissary, publicly in the time of Divine Service, charging them to fulfil their duties.

(b)  The Archdeacon shall from time to time convene the Clergy and Church Officers of the Archdeaconry and shall preside over them in Conference and discuss with them matters appertaining to the welfare of the Church.

(c)  The Archdeacon shall use all possible means to help, encourage and strengthen the Clergy and Laity of the Archdeaconry.

7.   Buildings

The Archdeacon (or some other person who shall have been appointed for such work) shall examine and report to the Bishop upon all plans for the building or restoration or alteration of churches and other buildings, the property of the Church, bearing in mind the commitment to being environmentally friend;y.  

8.  Presentment for Holy Orders

The Archdeacon or one appointed by the Bishop instead, shall examine and present all candidates for Holy Orders.

9.  Jurisdiction of Deans

The jurisdiction and functions proper to the Archdeacon belong to the Dean in the Cathedral parish