Residence of Bishops

1 Every Bishop appointed to the charge of a Diocese shall reside within his Diocese unless, upon the ground of ill-health or other important considerations, it should for a time be undesirable; and of such exceptional circumstances the Metropolitan and Diocesan Bishops shall judge.

Appointment of Vicar-General

3 (a) No bishop shall be absent from his Diocese for more than six weeks without appointing under his hand and seat a Vicar General with authority to administer the Spiritualities of the Diocese and to maintain discipline according to the Canons of the Church.

(b)If in the opinion of the Bishop access by the Vicar General to a portion or portions of the Diocese is difficult or impossible, the Bishop shall be permitted to appoint an additional Vicar General to each such area of the Diocese so affected. The separate area or areas of each Vicar General is to be specified in each appointment. Where more than one Vicar General has been appointed, the Bishop shall designate one of them as the senior Vicar General.

(c)If a bishop shall be absent from the Province for more than twelve months he shall be bound to make due provision for Confirmations and Ordinations within his Diocese.

Absence without consent

4 In the event of a Bishop being absent from his Diocese for six months without the consent required by this Canon, it shall be competent for the Metropolitan to give him three months’ notice to return to his Diocese; and, should he fail to return timeously, the Metropolitan may, with the consent of the majority of the Diocesan Bishops, declare the See vacant.

Absence of Metropolitan

5 The functions assigned to the Metropolitan in the preceding section of this Canon shall, in the event of the Metropolitan coming under the operation of its provisions, be exercised by the Dean of the Province.