Charter for Anglican Institutions

Where an organisation or institution, over which the Church has no effective control, professes, directly or impliedly, a connection to or a shared identity with or the support or approval of this Church, it shall be the obligation of the Diocesan Bishop concerned to decide whether to accept this claim, whether he or she be the Metropolitan in respect of the Province or a Diocesan Bishop in respect of a Diocese. If it is accepted, the Diocesan Bishop and the Trusts’ Board concerned (whether it be the Provincial Trusts’ Board for the Province or the Diocesan Trusts’ Board for a Diocese) shall be obliged in the name of the Province or the Diocese concerned to conclude with it an Anglican Association Charter, substantially in the form of the template set out in Act X. If it is not accepted, the Bishop and the Trusts’ Board concerned shall take all steps necessary to ensure that this claim ceases to be made.