Canon Law Council

The establishment of the Council has been one of the most important initiatives in the Province in recent years, not only because of the demand imposed upon us by changes in secular legal systems, but because wise stewardship of our monetary and human resources demands that we adhere to the highest standards of Governance
— Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, Message to the Canon Law Council Annual Conference, Epiphany 2016

The Anglican Canon Law Council of Southern Africa (ACLCSA) has as its mandate to assist the Church and our Bishops to respect and abide by the Canons and Constitution of our Church, and the laws of the countries in which we minister.

The Council’s responsibility is to guide the Bishops in establishing a church that abides by the Christian ethics set out by Christ in the gospels and that is binding on us as people of faith, and to ensure that Anglicans have recourse to maintain a system of governance that is accountable and that ensures human fulfillment for Anglicans and Christian people everywhere.

The Council was established by ACT XVIII of the Acts and Resolution of the Church, last amended in 2016.


September 30, 2021: Diocese of Cape Town v the Revd Melvin Booysen – Judgement


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