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Elective Assemblies Postponed

Update: January 13, 2021: The four Elective Assemblies have been postponed as a consequence of the second wave of the coronavirus, and new South African government regulations preventing them from being held in person. The Archbishop is consulting with the church’s lawyers, the Synod of Bishops and the Dioceses on the way ahead.

The following have been nominated as candidates for Elective Assemblies to be held in the Dioceses of Natal, Kimberley & Kuruman, Lesotho and Zululand during February.

The Ven Horace Arenz, Provincial Executive Officer


The Very Reverend Xolani Dlwati
The Revd Mlungisi Hadebe 
Canon Bellina Mangena
The Revd Barnabas S Nqindi
The Revd Sithembiso Ntshangase


The Revd Canon Jerome Francis
The Very Revd Reginald Leeuw
The Ven Dr Lepai Meschack Trevor Mariri
The Ven Mosimanegape Aaron Morake
The Revd Gift Van Staden


The Revd Edwin Molemo Baatjies
The Revd Matsitso Josephine Duma
The Revd Canon Benjamin Nkopa Mafereka
The Revd Dr Isaiah Makhetha
The Very Revd Tanki Job Mofana
The Very Revd Mosokotso Lazarus Mohapi
The Revd Kenny Ntoane
The Revd Abiel Lethale Pheko


The Revd Lewis Eisenhower Stevenson Gumede
The Revd Vikinduku Victor Mnculwane

15 replies on “Elective Assemblies Postponed”

May the Spirit of God reign Supreme as the four Dioceses seek to elect Shepherds of the flock respectively. We commit ourselves to pray for the nominated candidates. May the Spirit of truth and love be at work as always when Elective Assemblies convoke at various Dioceses on different dates set.

Dear Lord,

We uphold each of these candidates and more especially those selected to attend the respective elective assemblies. May delegate & candidate alike open to Your prompting, forsaking any agenda other than that prescribed in the Holy Gospels.

A special thought goes out to those who plan these against the COVID19 backdrop…it can’t be easy.

In Jesus Name

Dear God we pray for the Anglican Church of Southern African to have more women involved in leadership, we trust you Lord please do hear our prayer . We pray for the future of the Anglican Church to be in great hands , we pray that God in future we can have a Woman Archbishop Amen

May God’s spirit discern upon those who will be involved in the the entire process of the election. We pray particularly for the Diocese of Lesotho that God should give them the wisdom to elect a shepherd who will bring unity and be accepted by all. May the Holy Spirit and not our wishes reign Supreme in all these elective assemblies. Lord in your mercy.

Abba Father
We look to you in these times and ask for wisdom and divine council. With your righteous right hand guiding all candidates and the electoral in this selection process, may the elected candidate for each province uphold the virtues for which we stand for in your Heavenly Kingdom. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

How many women are making it known they are willing and available for nomination ….rather than them being overlooked?
if so they could surely find a sponser? Would rather know they are the right age and aptitude to reach a new generation looking for a more ‘modern’ Anglicanism.

Usually, priests do not make themselves available until someone asks them if they would be prepared to have their names go forward. There have been at least five elections where women candidates were listed and they were in no way inferior to the men who were elected. I was part of a Commission set up by the Archbishop to investigate the reasons women are not being elected to the episcopate. The document was comprehensive and was presented to the Synod Bishops and, I think, was presented to PSC. Depite the research we had done, including questionaires completed by women who had allowed their names to go forward, suggestions as to how women might be asked to stand for election, the history of the episcopate, and the role diocesan clergy can play in encouraging women to stand, the situation remains the same. And some of these women are young enough to bring freshness to the episcopate, are highly educated and very competent. Sadly, it is my view that ACSA really does not have the real heart to have women in what we might call ‘senior’ positions in our province – no women deans is just one example.This matter is something that requires a converted effort to bring about change. Thee ordination of women to the priesthood was a difficult, painful and lengthy process. The same goes for women bishops.

Lord God I pray for these Elective Assemblies to elect the right person who will be the really shepherd to your church, I also pray for all 19 candidates that the Holy Spirit will descend on them all and their families in Jesus Name. Amen

Very true Fr Andile Mbutye. We will continue to pray for all the candidates and their families and the Metropolitan including the respective Diocese. Very sad about the gener imbalance. Lord in your mercy

Heavenly father I pray for all those who have offered their names to be elected in our prospective dioceses.Drive away the spirit of division and hatres that always dominates in oùr elective assemblies. Amen.

Greetings in the wonderful name of our lord Jesus Christ. Regrettably we are in times of difficulty and cannot push normal elections during this time. The suggested options are noted and maybe our answer is in clarifying implementation of these options and relating some of these to the demographics of of the affected Dioceses. Waiting for the Lord is not a bad idea at all but the absence of the dedicated leader in any organization affects progress which is not good. Virtual elections for the entire elective assemblies would be ideal provided the issues of connectivity are addressed with respective affected Dioceses. We continue to pray for God’s guidance and will to prevail in this process.

It is an old saying in IsiXhosa that a leader distinguishes herself/himself. Having been a bishop of this Church for 21 years, the problem is the handling of authority with no humility and love. People in our pews are looking for loving pastors to tender them. Unfortunately in my episcopal ministry I could not get assertive loving pastors suitable and acceptable by many to be a pastor in the episcopate. It is heart breaking!{1 Tim 3:2-7} We cannot just nominate for the sake of nominating without considering suitability. However, we must continue to pray for suitable women leadership to grow in our Church. Even when I led women organisations as liaison bishop, it is so concerning to see those in leadership lording it insensitively over other, and pushing and subtly backbiting one another for leadership positions.
The bottom line is tightening our selection conferences, looking for quality leadership and continued training and teaching as our Lord commands us {Mtt 28:16-20}
Lord, hear our prayer;
and let our cry come to thee.

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