Provincial Notices

Building peace in South Africa [book launch]

The Revd Dr Liz Carmichael, formerly of the Diocese of Johannesburg and Chaplain to St John’s College, Oxford, will launch the book Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in South Africa: The National Peace Accord, 1991-1994 in Cape Town and Johannesburg during October.

Advance information about the book, followed by details of the launch in Cape Town on October 14 and Stellenbosch on October 13 appear below.

Details of the launch in Johannesburg on October 20 will be added when available.

A synopsis:

“This first full account of the South African National Peace Accord (NPA) fills a significant gap in knowledge of this key transitional phase in the country’s history. Signed by the ANC Alliance, Government, Inkatha Freedom Party and other political and labour organizations on 14 September 1991, the parties agreed in the NPA on the common goal of a united, non-racial democratic South Africa and provided practical means for moving towards this end.

“This book describes the formulation of the NPA and its implementation: the establishment of codes of conduct for political organizations and for the police, the creation of national, regional and local peace structures for conflict resolution and the investigation and prevention of violence, and peace monitoring, as well as the critical socio-economic reconstruction and peacebuilding that aimed to bring lasting change.

“The NPA was recognized internationally as South Africa’s sole consensus document, bringing observers from the UN, EU, Commonwealth and OAU. The author also assesses their role and that of the Goldstone Commission, which existed under the NPA and prefigured the TRC.”