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Bishops send Pastoral Letter to Diocese of Zululand – 2019

The February meeting of the Church’s Synod of Bishops has issued a Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Zululand, outlining the steps to be taken after the recent resignation of the Bishop of Zululand, the Right Revd Monument Makhanya.

In the letter, the Bishops said they had accepted the Bishop’s resignation, welcomed the Archbishop’s appointment of two Vicars-General, and outlined the pastoral and legal processes which will now be followed. Read and download the full text of the letter >>

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It is high time the Anglican Church of Southern Africa to lift up the bar in scripture and stop playing in the hands of liberal theology. The church must take a very firm stand on human sexuality and stop trying to be politically correct at the expense of the inerrancy and authority of the scripture. The archbishops of ACSA starting from Tutu to Makgoba have not provided leadership on human sexuality and women ordination and for that the church has suffered severe blow. However we are called by God to continue making supplications for the Church. Martin Luther the reformer is quite right when he says though at times the church behaves like a whore she shall never cease to be my mother God hv mercy upon us we sinners

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