Bishop Rubin Phillip works for peace

Bishop Rubin Phillip, the retired Bishop of Natal, has been leading initiatives aimed at promoting peace and unity in the wake of recent violence in the province.

As well as representing Archbishop Thabo Makgoba during a church leaders’ visit to the family of former president Jacob Zuma in Nkandla, Bishop Rubin has been working for peace in his capacity as a leader of KwaZulu-Natal’s Social Cohesion and Moral Regeneration Council.

“The country needs leaders who are committed to matters of justice and peace and the citizens of the province,” he was quoted by the press as telling the council. He expressed concern about high unemployment among young people and said the issue of ward councillors taking sides based on race needed to be looked into.

“We can point to many instances when we were in a deep hole,” he added. “We faced major problems. We tend to gloss over it and not deal with some of the root causes.”

The following photos are from a sports day in Phoenix held to promote unity between communities of different races.

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The Anglican church has three guilds that should roll up their sleeves and practise what they preach these are the massive Mother’s Union,the Anglican Women’s Fellowship and the male St Bernad Mizeki who are never seen or heard of when it comes to community issues Can the Bishop please liaise with the current Bishop of the Diocesse ofNatal Bishop Ndwandwe to nudge the leadership of the said guilds especialy in the Durban Parishes.Rememembering the dioces missional mark no3. “COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT/LOVING OUTREACH (John13:14).

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