Bishop Nopece announces retirement

Bishop Bethlehem Nopece.

From the Synod edition of iindaba, journal of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:

At the opening of his Charge to Synod last night, Bishop Bethlehem announced that the Synod of Bishops have released him to retire on 31 July 2018.

He thanked God for the privilege of having been given the ministry of a Bishop but cautioned, “For those who may be filled with ambition for the office of the Bishop let me caution you: Study I Timothy 3:1-7, you will do well.

“It is a call for a responsibility – not an achievement. The privilege of this leadership comes from God. Take care lest you should get hurt. God is not mocked, whatever you sow, that you will surely reap. The best is to wait upon him!”

The remainder of the report can be found on the Diocese’s Facebook page.

3 Responses to Bishop Nopece announces retirement

  • What a priest and bishop who has been ever produced he done wonderful job on his ministry he must go to retirement and relax at home having peaceful and joyous years

  • We thank God for the fulfilling ministry of Bishop Nopece. May the good Lord continue to uphold him even in his days of retirement, so that many can follow in his footsteps. Ndlelantle.

  • I salute Bishop Nopece for accepting to retire after sacrificially serving the church of God in the province. Ntate phomola hamonate, u sebelitse.

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