“Anglicans Vaccinate” – A major new Provincial initiative

The ACSA Covid Advisory Team appointed by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has launched a major new initiative to get Anglicans vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Key elements of the initiative:

• An appeal to Bishops across the Province to declare a “Covid Vaccination Week”, beginning at services on Sunday September 5;

• A 12-minute video to be played at services, and available on YouTube. (Scroll down to view - new version with better soundtrack published on Sept 15) It is currently available in English but other languages are planned; 

• Important new updated, detailed guidelines, “Call for Vaccination Information Sunday and then a vaccine 'support service'” (Scroll down to view and download; and

• The appointment of Diocesan Vaccine Co-ordinators, as well as Archdeaconry champions and Parish co-ordinators. 

“We are urging the Province to be proactive in terms of getting our people vaccinated both as an act of faith and love,” Canon Rosalie Manning, the chairperson of the Provincial Covid Advisory Team Committee, has told bishops.

“Vaccination remains our best defence against the virus and we still need to be vigilant to protect our loved ones and ourselves.”

She added: “We are well aware that this request to have a Vaccination Information Sunday will impact the liturgy set for this season but saving lives also a necessary element of celebrating creation.”

Scroll down below the video to read and download:

  • The updated guidelines, and
  • A Question & Answer pamphlet published by the National Vaccine Monitoring Group

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