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 Gafcon decries Church of England’s welcoming of transgender people   and rejection of conversion therapy

 CoE votes to let clergy dress down during services

 George Carey resigns honorary Oxford post over Anglican sex abuse scandal

 Anglican bishops urged to cast out ‘daft’ mitres

Four Christians jailed in Iran for ten years each

 First Church of England female bishop from a minority ethnic community

 The price of gluten Communion wafers

 A “U2charist”

 Priest who fled Iran as teen chosen as Anglican bishop in England




Anglican youth in Swaziland take to their bikes

 “Trusting in God who turns zeros into heroes!”

 Diocese of Mauritius examines ‘The Silent Epidemic’ of gender based violence


Mozambique: Catholic Bishops Demand Action On ‘Hidden Debts’

 African Bishops Plan to Snub October Summit with Archbishop of Canterbury Over Gay Marriage

 Anglican Church Loses Land Dispute in Nigeria



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